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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Would you, too, like to beat the living crap out of whomever designed

Trying to find something simple can be damn near impossible. Wouldn't you think that they'd have something really simple, like a list of popes? I even hate their choice of colors -- Brown on parchment.

Yes, I love those color combos that are low contrast that you can't read for ****.

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Packrat said...

The sad thing is that probably someone (sort of like the tax payers) paid really big bucks to a web designer. You are right. It is awful.

gemoftheocean said...

I think it could be a SERIOUS contender for "Major institution, company, heavy hitter" with the WORST website design.

It's "all world hellish" to navigate.

It's like this vision of hell:

"The Germans are the police, the Japanese design the writing system, the English are the Cooks, the French are in charge of Rock and Roll, and the Vatican designs the websites."

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