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Monday, November 9, 2009

Words can not express

The utter contempt I have right now for the House of Rrepresentative who voted for the HC bill, Princess Pelosi, most of the Senate, Dingy Harry, and most of all BInsaneObama --

AND EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR THOSE B*STARDS. Especially the "voters" who did as much "due diligence" on the Muslim as they do about picking grit from their toenails.

I despise each and every one of them. I'm going to continue to confront those b*stards sporting Zero stickers on their car, or people showing support for him. I don't give a damn about "offending" people anymore.


Adrienne said...

Amen!! When I consider the level of rage I feel at the very sight of zero, I wonder if we're going to have a bloody revolution in this country.

gemoftheocean said...

I seriously wonder that myself. Is there room up there in Idaho for ME? Especially seeing as you have a nearby FSSP padre. I'm not in the mood for anyone's **** right now, and right now they're the ones doing the job.

Of course, if I wait too long, Idaho may be overcrowded with refugees. But what the hell, you only live once.

These bastards just did not listen, did they over the summer? What part of "angry mob with pitchforks" did they not get through their thick skulls?

and as digi mentioned on facebook, naturally, there's no guarantee at all that in the final bill the Stupak amendment would be included.

Tell me that bitch Nancy et al didn't make some backdoor deals with the senate.

Just like the weasels in the UCCSB last year gave "seamless garment" type Catholics wiggle room to vote for proaborts, they pretended this POS of a bill was going to be candy if they just "fixed" that one thing [i.e. abortion] N#ver mind all the other crap that was in it.

And of course the hypocrits in congress have already exempted THEMSELVES from any of this.

I guess so that if they get their asses shot at THEY will have good medical care, while the rest of us peons get a government panel to decide if we are worth speanding money on. Damn them all to hell.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Amen! love ya Gem, I totally agree

Any Congressmen/woman who voted for this bill I will personally pink slip.

I'm sick of this as well..Next time I'm in Idaho, I'm heading up that direction :)

Sandy said...

Gem ,sorry off topic,but had to let you know,that the picture on Fr Ray's
blog is Our Lady of Walsingham.Am going to Walsingham this weekend,will light a candle for you,and all you faithful bloggers in the U.S.A.

gemoftheocean said...

Sandy, thanks so much for the comment. I was wondering if it was her. I've downloaded the pic to save.

It's beautiful.

She's not much known in these parts but I'll go back and review one of Fr. John Boyle's posts re: Our Lady of Walsingham. I gather she is THE Mary most after English hearts, as Our Lady of Fatima would be to Portugal, Guadalupe to the Mexicans, etc.

Sandy said...

Yes,you are right Gem,This Our Lady Queen of England.On her head the Anglo Saxon crown.Underneath the turf in the grounds of the ruined Abbey,there is a layer of ash,all that remains of her Holy House,burned to the ground at the reformation.Such a holy place Gem,I think you would love it!The statue is in the Slipper chapel,so called because pilgrims would remove their shoes,and walk the last mile into Walsingham barefoot.They still do it today!

gemoftheocean said...

thanks, Sandy -- next time I get to go to England, I will try and make a point of getting up there.

Fr. John's post from this year is

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