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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nice Thought on Mary's preparation for Jesus

The Amazing Fr. G. had a rather nice 1st Sunday of Advent sermon at the high Mass this morning. He covered standard caution of Advent being a penitential season, and it was important not to follow the commerical lead of following Christmas too soon, out of its proper season.

He mentioned that while in Lent we concentrate on turning away from sin, in Advent we concentrate on little sacrifices to turn us to God. He mentioned to remember that the Blessed mother was at this time, in her last month of pregnancy and reminded people (if they didn't already know!) of the discomforts most mothers-to-be have at that time. But he was saying how Mary offered up this temporary suffering in the joy of the knowledge that she would bear the Saviour of the World. [I guess she must have handled Baby Jesus standing on her bladder really well!)

He also mentioned in the announcements that the Church is to have, on Dec 12th (Our Lady of Guadalupe day) a Rorate Mass -- apparently hithertofore not much done in San Diego -- which given the long standing until recent Latin Mass society, came as a surprise to me.

More about Rorate Masses on my other blog when it gets closer to the time. Mass will be celebrated starting at 5:30 a.m. -- which I plan to attend, unless I am totally dead to the world.

Would you, too, like to beat the living crap out of whomever designed

Trying to find something simple can be damn near impossible. Wouldn't you think that they'd have something really simple, like a list of popes? I even hate their choice of colors -- Brown on parchment.

Yes, I love those color combos that are low contrast that you can't read for ****.

Take the poll on the sidebar.

Radio Silence, Thanksgiving Evening

Other than starting the new blog and going to Mass I just mainly kicked it Thanksgiving, yesterday and today. [I stayed the heck out of the stores yesterday - not daring to venture out to get trampled by 82 year old grannies trying to score the latest goodie for their near and dear.

But I did go down to Shelter Island (where from some reason I seldom venture - traffic too much of a pain, usually, with a zillion stop lights to get there -- but TG you couldn't drivven a tricycles down the main drags and not have worried about getting run over.

I did take this nice picture, just after sunset looking to the southwest, over point Loma.
I did a lengthy post on the San Diego Harbor last year, which you may enjoy which you can see here.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I now have an additional Blog

It's called "Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie" -- Catholics, who are fond of history, particularly American History, may find this interesting. A lot of it, however, will be of interest to Catholics from other countries.

History has always been my favorite subject, one of my degrees is in European History (University of California, '78) and I've been learning a lot of things anew and reviewing a lot of what I've known about the church in this last year. In particular, have been exploring what a treasure trove the Latin Mass is. You won't have to know zip about the Latin Mass. I will, however, shortly include some sections/posts regards those who would like to know more about it, or how to follow such a Mass. I'll also give some good Latin resources to use, if you'd like to learn Latin, or know somoone who would.

The topics, by no means will be exclusively on the EF form of the Mass -- but you might find some useful information on the blog, concerning anything re: the spread of the faith in the US in particular, some quick "short and sweet" articles about the history of the faith (which are garnered from sources now out of copyright and print!), to items about "Fighting Fr. Duffy" and the like. This will with any luck achieve my aim of helping others find their way to exploring topics they may not have previously thought, or known to explore.

I'll also over the course of the year, unfold the liturgy. Not so much the modern Mass -- but I intend to note things like Calendar changes of saints, and perhaps eventually provide resources such as "what readings were done on such and such a day/liturgical cycle then as opposed to now."

At the time of this writing, I've only got two posts up(*), but more will follow shortly, as I've timed the kick off of this new blog to start at the beginning of this Advent season.

Here's a pointer to the blog's first post.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(*) I've since added a post on Delaware, so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about for content. [It's not yet complete, I've still some links to add in, but I've gotta eat Thanksgiving DINNER!!!]

Looking for a reprieve from the Governor

You just hope they'll leave you alone at least until next year. If you make it through Thursday, you should be okay.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Perfect Prayer to say for Zero

Psalm 108:9

Not forgetting a complimentary verse from Proverbs 26:3

Who said there wasn't a blessing for the czar?

[There's a link on my sidebar for the NAB if you don't have a bible handy.]

Sunday, November 22, 2009

SNL -- went there

When his cronies on the left start to ridicule him....

Look here for the link.

You can bet Congress will be calling midnight meetings on Christmas eve to get ObominationCare through before he's thrown off the Truman balcony.

Democraps have to do their dirty deeds late Saturday Night

Party line vote in the Senate this even will trigger debate on Health Care in the Senate.

Scum suckers. They've already exempted themselves from anything they pass for us. If it's going to be so damn good, why don't they try it on their own families and they can be the guinea pigs for government rationing? Oh, that's right, they're SPECIAL.

Scratch a demo and get someone who can't remember what happened a bare two weeks ago with Cozrine getting his head handed to him, and Virginia dumping their 'Rat in charge. And Hoffman still has a chance. Seems you have to actually count votes. The sick part of it is, they are all so for their own bennies, they really don't give a damn what they do to this country. So far they've done a "nice" job with unemployment, ****ing up the dollar, and having that Jackass in chief parade around on a world apology tour.

Every Demo up for reelection needs to be thrown the hell out. And a good many RINOs too.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Send in the Clowns

.... don't bother, they're here. Once again, thank you, all 69 million+ @$$holes who made this possible. We ALL have to suffer because YOU are stupid.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Biretta rubrics are proof in the pudding that Paul didn't know diddly about head coverings

I can prove it. More than a few traddies like to twit that this women-should-have-their-haeds-covered business has never been abbrogated, that Paul's cultural BS should be taken at face value. [Hi, Joe! ;-D]

I say "Bunkum." I can prove it, by the fact that if you buy his statement that it is shameful for women to have their heads UNcovered, then you have to buy his business about it being shameful for a man to pray with his head covered.

I noticed in the EF form of the High Mass, that when the priest is seated during the Gloria and Creed, there are portions where the biretta, which has been sitting on the priest's head, is removed for certain phrases. Either he's NOT praying the Gloria and the Creed and just kicking back dreaming about what's for lunch, OR he's sitting there thinking:

"LA, LA, LA, sing all you want, I'm not praying, I'm NOT praying, dearie me, NO, not ME...I'm NOT praying because Paul said that men praying with their heads covered are lame, even though he was a Jew himself, and prayed all the time with something on his head, yada-yada-ding-dong, NO, I'm NOT praying---

EXCEPT --- right now for THIS phrase, when I take my biretta off, I'm paying attention and PRAYING because I've "cheated" and paid attention long enough to know during these particular words of the prayers I have to take my biretta off---but HEY, they passed those words, and I'm putting my biretta on again, and NOT praying, so NO, NO, LA-LA-LA....I CAN'T hear you, I'm NOT praying."

Any takers?

St. Paul was SUCH a piece of "Work" about this cultural stuff, that too many women have been suckered in to believing. At the EF church I go to some women even stilll have their veils on when they clean the church. I still think Paul had an older sister who regularly beat the crap out of him. But that's just my speculation. The priests didn't buy it pre-Vatican II, either!!! [Funny how the sanctuary's is a "holy place for men only" except when someone has to clean it. Then the ladies are more than welcome! ]

I was also amused the other week when the Delightful Father Freddy was going over the old testament bits about sacrifice as a precursor to the sacrifice of the Mass --- i.e. what types of sacrifice there were, etc. I had to silently laugh when he mentioned that ONLY the high priest went into the Holy of Holies once a year, and only he was allowed in the place. Well, that's what the Torah says, BUT I have a hard time believing it, for practical reasons:

Aaron: HEY, SARAH, front and center, woman!!!
Sarah: Qu-est-ce que tu as?
Aaron: YOU know what! Don't give me that.
Sarah: Give you WHAT, liebschen?
Aaron: You KNEW today was the day of Atonement. You KNEW no one had been in there ALL year -- what do I FIND when I go to offer Sacrifice the most important day of the year? WHAT do I find?
Sarah: [turns and laughs to self] NO idea, dear, what DID you find?
Aaron: You know DARN good and well there were enough spiders in there to give Michael Jackson the creeps! One of the spiders was bigger than a Volkswagon.
Sarah: Michael WHO? A WHAT?
Aaron: And FURTHERMORE there was enough dirt in there to build breastwork fortifications from here to the Arctic!
Sarah: WHERE?
Sarah: Got news for you, sweetheart: We're on STRIKE. Besides, I'm afraid of spiders and I finally had enough. Clean it yourself, Mr. Bigshot --only the HIGH PRIEST is supposed to be in there -- says so right in the Torah.

Yes, I've been saving this up.

Monday, November 16, 2009

UK Guardian goes Hysterical re: strong Conservative Women

God knows I wouldn't normally go near the Guardian, although I'm told it makes fine fishwrap. But one website I frequent linked to this article. This guy is in the club of liberal white males start covering their pee-pees when up against women who are not on the liberal ghetto reservation of pro-abortion, socialism (what do YOU call a power grab of 1/6th of the economy?), people who question the twaddle of the global warming scam and aren't down with school indoctrination of skulls full of mush being made to sing the praises of the Obaminator. He doesn't like the fact that it was pointed out that Obama, does, in fact "hang out with terrorists." [You know, William Ayres, the guy who bombs things.]

The spector of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Michele Malkin has him in a conniption. It's delightful. It's clear he much prefers the "go along to get along" non-"in your face types" that have been caving in to the liberals. The thought of resolve puts fear into him.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Muslims are used to putting their butts in the air

So what else is new with this jackass? I would love to kick him right up the keister with a 10 league boot on. IF someone doesn't beat me to it first. If so, mazel tov.

This is the Muslim boy people said was "looking down for an instant" when he was in Europe doing obeisance to a Saudi potentate. Fortunately, Spanish news had caught the whole thing on video.

I bet there are people in the State Department who'd like to kick him up the ass too. PRobably, including Hitlery -- even she knows better. This duffus never learns. But in a sick way, I think he DOES know that it's wrong -- he does it to rub it in our noses. He and his moll don't think there is anything special about this country. He doesn't see this nation as a beacon of hope and freedom for the oppressed. Come 2012, we'll rub it in HIS nose.

Once again, I'd like to thank all of you who made this talentless hack media creation from Mombassa our "president." How's that dope with the small change working for you yet? I sincerely hope you and yours will unemployed soon, because you are the ones that deserve him and his fallout.
[Update: Packrat informs me the vid. was "removed" by the person who posted on youtube -- HOWEVER, there is more than one fish in the sea. Try here.]

Dang, I know a bank robber!!!!

Topic "A" of conversation this morning. When we came into work one of my coworkers came striding in with "GUESS who was out robbing banks?" We looked at him and he said "Roxanne." -- "DUDE!!!!" was heard, in stereo. It was an attention grabber. Then we all huddled around the computers to see "our" very own Bonnie. She 's about 5'4" if she jumps up and down a bit -- the kind of person you wouldn't think would be someone any more capable of doing any more hard than swatting a fly or threatening her kids with no TV if they didn't do their homework.

Until about 7 or so weeks ago, this woman worked in our office, and was fired for embezzeling. She must have been out on bail when she did this robbery last Friday. [Our young boss's dad works for the FBI in San Fran - so the boss had more than a little help in seeing that her butt would have been in jail eventually anyway.]

Glad my policy is to be nice to everyone in the office!!! The FIRST bank robbery she did (unless there is a string of others in another county! which they will be investigating) would have been about the time she got fired. Something we said? Oddly enough, I remember talking to her the Friday after work, the week before she started calling in "sick" and she was saying what a hard time she was having, yada yada -- and I said "Wouldn't it make more sense for you to get a job up in Poway, where you live?" 5 kids, all pretty young. She's wrecked her life and theirs. (And she's married too.) It was when she was out "sick" that the boss was able to finge3r her as an embezzler.

Ironically the boss is very nice about advancing people a little money in advance of their checks when they need it.

Desperate times. Bonnie Parker, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Don't Miss Coulter's Column on Ft. Hood

Somehow Ann Coulter does "Were they out of their freakin' minds" better than anyone else.
Ann rips the beholden PC crowd to shreds:

"According to numerous eyewitness accounts, Hasan denounced the "war on terror" as a war against Islam, said Muslims should attack Americans in retaliation for the war in Iraq, defended suicide bombers and said he was "happy" when a Muslim murdered a soldier at a military recruiting center in Arkansas earlier this year. Stranger still, he wasn't auditioning for his own show on MSNBC when he made these statements. "

Full column here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

Meant to get this in early this morning, but I can't let the day go by without doing so. God bless all veterans and a big thank you to all who serve and have served and will serve.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tear Down this Wall

It's a great day for celebrating. I haven't said so before, but every year this anniversary comes around I do celebrate it. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Strangle hold was literally something I'd prayed for since childhood, and worked for in my early adult years.

My mother's parents were born in what became the Eastern Block, her father in what was the southern Border region of Poland, in Tarnow-Krasnow, and my Grandmother, in the Tatra mountains, north of Presov in the little village of Visna-Polanka, in what is now Slovakia. They were ethnic Ukranians, with a bit of Polish thrown in the mix. My grandfather emigrated to the US shortly before WWI, and my grandmother after the war, in 1919.

From quite a young age, around 5 or so, I knew that they had relatives who were oppressed and did not have the freedom to go to Mass that I did without repercussion. My grandmother had a niece and other relatives there with whon she could occasionally correspond. But nothing other than very basic family information -- always aware that censors could read the correspondence.
Young as I was at the time -- I remember the shock of the Berlin Wall being thrown up overnight, and people who tried to flee being shot. For years the East Germans would gun down anyone attempting to get to freedom. [I well remember elaborate attempts to excape, in 1979 or so an East German family constructed a balloon and made it to the west, for instance.] In my era of the 50s and 60s the nuns made clear to us that there were other youngsters who did not have freedom of worship -- there were people in our own day dying and suffering for the faith.
When I was older, my youngest uncle married a woman who's only a bit older than me whose family had relatives on both sides of Germany. Only the eldest aunts, AS LONG AS THERE WERE OTHERS HELD HOSTAGE by the East German state, could occassionally visit her relatives in the west for a few short days. The whole family? No.

As a 13 year old, I was impressed with John Barron's book about the KGB - and I read more details of how they terrorized the populace. As I got older, I was introduced to "WITNESS" by Whittaker Chambers -- I read that when I was 19 and garnered more intellectual underpinnings for how people embrace communism, and the tentacles it has over people -- and how he freed his soul from it. [I came about reading him, because I also read William F. Buckley.] Witness, to my mind, is still one of my 10 favorite books of all time. I was a history Major in college in the mid-late 70s -- I concentrated on European history -- primarily Great Britian and Russia (and the Soviet bloc.) I'd read Hedrick Smith amongst other westerners who'd been stationed in east Bloc countries -- ditto Solzhenitsin.

When I was older still (after also acquiring a degree in Computer science) I'd landed a job at General Dynamics. It was 1984 -- not long after what I call "The beginning of the end." What had happened was the election of John Paul II in '78 - a Pole -- the first "sign from God" that God has other plans. The Solidarnost movement took place in the early 80s, freedom lovers in Poland had been embolded by the pope. Margaret Thatcher also became Prime Minister -- another cold warrior who did not accept communism as the natural order of things. Then up Rode Reagan on the White Horse. No, we WOULD not "appease" the Soviets. The hand of God also decided "Time was up" for such Soviet Fossiles as Suslov, Brezhnev, Chernyenko, Adropov -- and there was a new man in -- a committed Communist, Gorbachov (one still, to remind you, who tried to suppress the Baltic States after the Wall fell, and almost had a coup visited on him not long after -- so let's not go all revisionist here) but at least Gorbachov was not one for executing people with different ideas. He was willing to admit that the way things were were not perfect -- but he STILL wanted to reform communism, not destroy it. Reagan (who couldn't meet with the Soviet leaders at first because they kept dying on him) was not one for "rapprochment" -- no, I well remember when the Strategic Defense Inititative was proposed -- liberals screamed and cried we'd all be nuked in a new WWIII. Reagan stood firm.

The Tomahawk Missle program had started to take off in a big way. That was the project I was hired for at General Dynamics. I worked in San Diego on a project which transfered the schematics from PC to Mainframe -- and then onto the factory floor where the Tomahawks were built. The Gretna Green thumb suckers were cyring in their beer. Reagan and Thatcher were firm.

Reagan went to Berlin and said "Mr. Gorbachov, tear down this wall." The phrase stuck -- all over Eastern Euroope, since solidarity, people were speaking out -- coming out of the shadows, disobeying their governments. I can remember the 9 months or so lead up to the Wall coming down -- East Germans had started to cross in romote areas over to Austria, and WERE NOT SHOT AT.

Finally, it came to pass -- on November 9, 1989, I was in Talahassee, on Business -- and when I heard the news, I cried tears of joy. I consider that day one of the best of my life.

Words can not express

The utter contempt I have right now for the House of Rrepresentative who voted for the HC bill, Princess Pelosi, most of the Senate, Dingy Harry, and most of all BInsaneObama --

AND EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR THOSE B*STARDS. Especially the "voters" who did as much "due diligence" on the Muslim as they do about picking grit from their toenails.

I despise each and every one of them. I'm going to continue to confront those b*stards sporting Zero stickers on their car, or people showing support for him. I don't give a damn about "offending" people anymore.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Save Grandma, Unplug Pelosi

Great sign. May the parafin witch with a capital "B" get the message. "They" were supposed to try to ram a bill through today.
Unless they call some stunt of a roll call vote in the dead of night with no warning, it looks like it's not going to go today. What's at stake is the dems not even bringing to the flooor an amendment that guarantees taxpayers wil not be forced to fund abortion.

Perhaps we cxan all say the prayers an exorcist would say? Can't hurt. The devil needs to get out of Congress, starting with Princess Pelosi.
h/t to on the photo

Friday, November 6, 2009

New Priest Blogger - Where Rubber hits the road

Fr. Tim Moyle, who lives in Mattawa, Ontario, Canada has started a blog, Where the Rubber Hits the Road.

Go over there and say howdy, Fr. is the Pastor of St. Anne's Parish.

Stop Congress from Passing the Health Care Bill

Call your congress critters TODAY if you haven't done so.

I recieved this facebook message, and I am passing it on.


Even if you've already called or emailed, please call your US House Member TODAY. According to AUL, the House is expected to vote today on a procedural resolution called the "rule" which would not allow the Stupak-Pitts pro-life amendment to the health care bill to even get a vote! AND TOMORROW (on Saturday, Nov. 7th) the House is expected to vote on the health care bill HR 3962.

Please prevent a massive expansion of abortion and save lives by calling your US House Member today! Copy and paste the NRLC's website into your browser: Then, enter your zipcode to find the phone number and a suggestion of what to tell your congressman.

Copy and paste this link on your Facebook Wall and spread the word!: "


Also be aware the Princess Pelossi is trying to FORCE EVERYONE to pay into a fund to make sure abortions are on the taxpayer's dime.

American Catholic improves Guy Fawks celebration

My blogger friend, Digihairshirt had a FABULOUS way of teaching her youngsters some history, and improving the way it's celebrated! Check out her fabulous post here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall of Berlin Wall Worth Celebration? Not to Obama

Zero will NOT be accepting the invitation from German Chancellor Angela Merkel to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I can understand. With him it's not about having the good historic sense to celebrate the US part in keeping the pressure on Communism to fail, nah, with him it's ALL about him.

Why would he celebrate an event he cried copious tears over? I'm sure he'd much rather have a cigar with Castro's corpse and commiserate with the nutbag in Venezuela.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Planned Parenthood Director quits and is sued.

Rejoice that a former Planned Parenthood director has quit and joined the prolife side in Bryan, Tx. Abby Johnson worked for Planned Parenthood for the past 8 years, but quit last month - according to one source she'd seen an ultrasound of an abortion and couldn't take it any more. She jonied the prolife cause and how prays with the Coalition for Life outside the clinic where until just recently for the past 2 years she was the center director.

Planned Parenthood has slapped a temporary restraining order on her and the prolife coalition leader -- they're not "happy" that she has revealed that in this last year she was ordered to focus on shilling for more abortions due to the rough downturn in the economy.

You can see video here.

Somewhere else I had read read that one of the best tools prolife has is the ultra sound -- PP and the like HATE it when mothers see their babies. Hard to kill a "blob of tissue" when it has feet fingers, a head, etc.

Some years back I'd seen a video put out by another FORMER director of an abortion clinic. She'd also had a change of heart. She also revealed that a common tactic that creates a vertical marke for such clinics is that they know that Birth Control pills require a higher dossage over time. i.e. what was effective to start with, gradually over time becomes less and less effective to work. Kind of like how a junkie needs more to get high. Well, eventually that BC pill fails, but there is Planned Parenthood, etc. there to "come to the resuce" by providing the opportunity to kill the child -- more expensive --- and when they do that they can kick off a cycle.

[I note with irritation, there is a paid ad whcih pops up in "related videos" for a late term abortion shill -- a caution to those who use ad sense, or the like and don't carefully filter -- I've written to the website maintenence people to ask them to try and filter the ad, and I hope you will too.] Update: since I wrote, "liz" from the Brietbart site wrote and told me that afew peopleearlier tday had alerted her to it, but they haven't been a ble to replicate it being brought up -- but I told her where it's popping up and they are trying to rectify the situation.]

Follow up story and video is here.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy All Saints Day

I don't usually go to St. Anne's on a Sunday, but I went to the high Mass this morning where they laid on all the bells and whistles. It was only the second time I've heard the Amazing Fr. G. give a sermon!

I wanted to hear a sermon today (haven't for weeks-- the Sainted Fr. S. doesn't do one for lil ole me.] -- and I wasn't disappointed. Fr. G. said how it's rare that anyone takes to heart the business of "rejoicing and being glad" when persecuted for the faith. We can judge how far we are to heaven by how far we are off the Mark. He also mentioned that in cofession, people sometimesmention how "they are working on this or that." But it's realy not US doing the work, it's thegrace of God working in us. Pray for strength and grace.

No pics, for once I didn't bring my camera. But he busted out the gold vestments. Missa Cantata, technically. 6 servers.

I also think it's good to remember the saints likely in heaven who weren't Catholic. I'm thinking of the young protestant girl, for instance, who was killed at Columbine, because she would not deny Christ to her killers. Surely she must be in heaven too.

Halloween 2

This afternoon there was a sung Mass in the church, attended by the younger kids of the parish. Each dressed as a favorite saint. After Mass there was a procession around the block, and a nice party was held in the hall with games for the kids I managed to snap *most* of then (you know how there's always those one or two kids running around or gone to ground hiding from "shyness."

Here's a bit of video of the procession which went around the block.

Can't say the kids seem overenthused about hiking around the block, but the had some fun with the games, and the holiday goodies, and getting fussed over a bit.

Big kids enjoyed the games too.

There was a nice variety of saints too, anything from Dominic Savio to St. Rita to St. Cecelia, Thomas Acquinas, St. Patrick, Michael the Archangel, etc. Had to laugh a bit at one kid's costume, papa put a bit of "gory" red daubings on Stephen the Martyr's white robe. It was sort of undercut by his green Krocs.

Nice timing on this event, because it gave the kids a chance to later go home andl likely dress up as "princess" or "pirate" or whatever, and hit their own neighborhood for more candy, and break out the pumpkin pies, pizza, scarey movies, apple cider, and "haunted" houses.
[I have to say, to my readers abroad that this "dress up as a saint" business has only been happening in the last 5-10 years, in reaction to evangelical protestants who claim halloween is "Satanic."

When I was young, the occasional kid WOULD dress up as a nun or priest or angel -- the costumes tended to run to what you might want to be when you grew up, or a fantasy character that you'd planned for weeks. Topic "A" among 5-13 year olds was "what are you going to be?" for.

Trust me, in the 40s-90s, it was ALL about the costume, candy, and inducing a bit of harmless fright by making things go "boo" in the night. It STILL is, for 95% of the people, save the weridos in SF and elsewhere who have perverted this who seem to have garnered all the attention away from a bit of innocent fun.]

I think this extra party is a nice addition to all the other things [the harmless ones!] typically done on halloween.

Check out this post, by Digihairshirt to see the best Halloween costume "evah."
[Halloween is all about creativity too!
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