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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Radio Silence, Thanksgiving Evening

Other than starting the new blog and going to Mass I just mainly kicked it Thanksgiving, yesterday and today. [I stayed the heck out of the stores yesterday - not daring to venture out to get trampled by 82 year old grannies trying to score the latest goodie for their near and dear.

But I did go down to Shelter Island (where from some reason I seldom venture - traffic too much of a pain, usually, with a zillion stop lights to get there -- but TG you couldn't drivven a tricycles down the main drags and not have worried about getting run over.

I did take this nice picture, just after sunset looking to the southwest, over point Loma.
I did a lengthy post on the San Diego Harbor last year, which you may enjoy which you can see here.


Packrat said...

Enjoyed your SD tour. Thanks. I really don't know much about your area. I've been your way only twice to specific destinations so didn't do any sight seeing.

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, good. That was one of those posts that took a couple of hours to construct, but one I had a good time.

You might click the "san diego" tag under the posts -- there's also a few about the old Padre Dam and the SD mission you might like too.

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