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Monday, June 29, 2009

SS. Peter and Paul; "Angel"=sympathetic jailer?

It struck me that the "angel" in the reading from Acts 12: 1-11 might well have been a sympathetic jailer. "Angel" means "messenger." Now perhaps this was an otherworldly creature, but it strikes me as more likely that the particular servant of God who rescued Peter from the jail in Jerusalem as a secret Christian, or perhaps a jailer who did not like the way the death of James went down. How practical. A jailer would have the keys to the locks, and would be able to guide Peter to safety. He "disappeared" because he had to get back to work!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A tip for those with Urchins

As a single person without children, I seldom give advice regards kids. I DID put in my years as a CCD teacher, and having been a kid myself, however, I have picked up a few tricks along the way. Sometimes the cute 'lil basserds are in restaurants. A lot of times the rug rats are cavorting about in fast food places. Now granted these are not-exactly-the-Ritz-is-it? establishments, but none the less, they are still public eating places, and it's fair enough to expect the adults in charge of them to keep them from acting like little hellions.

I don't know about you, but if if you've lived past age, oh, six, you know that places with plastic type booths are places you can feel every little vibration. So if the little darling behind you, is kicking HER table, YOU are going to feel it. Now, normally in this sort of a situation a parent doesn't need to wait for you to turn around and look at the child, and then the parent with a raised eye...because they're already yelling at the kid to "stop kicking the **** table."

But if mummy is doting on the child, not doing anything, you really want to kill the parent.

Here's the tip, if you really want to stop the behaviour, if little Janie or Bobby doesn't stop kicking whatever after earnest entreaties: take their damn shoes off. Then they can kick away, and with any luck break some toes. They'll be yelling, but they'll also be on the way to the emergency room and will soon be gone. This will also solve the child's "attention deficit disorder" at least as far as kicking things go. Even the stupid children will catch on.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mikie beats it

...or slips the surly bonds of earth...which ever you prefer. With him goes the last living proof that Liberace and Sammy Davis, Jr. had an affair. R.I.P.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If you've ever attended the Funeral of someone you didn't know...

chances are good to excellent you're Catholic.

Some of us stayed around right after the normal Sat. 9.00 a.m. Mass at St. Anne's. Maybe it comes from going to Catholic school. In the schools I attended for grammar school we routinely attended the funeral Masses if one happened to be scheduled for the same time we would normally go to Mass. [We went to Mass once or twice a week, depending on the school I was in.]

Just me? Or was this routine for you too?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cheap Giggle With Latin

Early this morning, as is my wont before attending a UA / TLM /Extraordinary / Whatever-you-want-to-call-it Mass, I checked the propers for the day. I'm having fun brushing up my Latin, so I try to read and follow along as much as I can in that language. When I flipped open the propers for the vigil of the Birth of John the Baptist (I was reading the little Latin only missal I have to see how much I could get on my own first without "cheating") my eye fell on the latin (and English!) word "vulva."

"Well, this should be fun today" I thought. The word was in the epistle which was from Jeremias 1: 1-10.

The St. Jerome's Latin version didn't mince words: "In diebus illis: Factum est verbum Domini ad me, dicens: Priusquam te formarem in utero, novi te: et antequam exires de vulva, sanctificavi te, et prophetam in gentibus dedite."

The English given for that same passage: "In those days the word of the Lord came to me, saying: Before I formed thee in the bowels[! not exactly accurate, is it?] of thy mother, I knew thee: and before thou camest forth out of the womb [true enough, but that's not EXACTLY what it said!] I sanctified thee, and made thee a prophet unto the nations."

I guess they didn't want Victorian [and later!] folks fainting had an "exact" translation been given! Hand missals frequently didn't have all the Latin. Who said it didn't pay to study the classics?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day to our Priests

...most of whom are never called "dad."

I always pray my "Sunday Rosary" for priests everywhere. (The Saturday rosary is for seminarians.) I do hope others will join me.

Thank goodness it's "the year of the Priest" -- I thought "the year of Paul" would never be over!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Old Dad, Happy Father's Day

Here's one for dear old dad. Didn't always appreciate him when I was younger, and he was far from perfect, but he had many good points. Basic respect for the working man, a hard worker, good provider, honest in business dealings, a fine patriot, and a sharp wit. Deceased since 2001, but remembered this day.

It's the classic "letterman Jacket" picture. Dad, skinny as he was then, played on the football team. Frackville, Pa., being a small town, even had some skinny guys like dad on the team. I asked him if he was a "tough guy" on the field. He said "I broke a kid's leg once." I asked "On purpose?" And he thought a bit and said "Well, let's just say 'accidentally on purpose.'" I laughed and mom just said "Oh, EDDDD." And then she had to laugh too.

This picture was taken in about 1948, give or take a year. Dad was about 16 here.

Especially for UKOK and anyone else who wants to hear my speaking voice

Here ya go. I thought I had a recording of me doing an Epistle somewhere, but it must have been these intentions. I always kept 'em "short and sweet" given The Sainted Father S's 23 minute sermons. can be quite useful for sound file uploads.

(A while back Deb wanted to hear my voice, so here's the post. And to answer the unanswered questions: No, I've never smoked, except a couple stale Camel ciggies from a pack my father forgot about when I was 14 -- I might as well have eaten an ashtray, it cured me of any desire to look cool -- and yes, I would screw up the blended sound of any women's choir - my "break" note is middle "E" and I HATE my head voice, although I can do okay in the lower range. I can be heard above any pack of shrill female voices twittering for things in shops and get served first, so it has certain advantages.)

Close encounter with an Actual AlGore Loving Kool-Aide drinker

I'd done with a mile swim at the Kroc Center yesterday, and rewarded myself with some QT afterwards in the therapy pool. I was first one in, and was joined shortly thereafter by a "hippy aged" member.

AGLKAD: I just saw the most frightening bumper sticker I've ever seen!
Gem: What?
AGLKAD: It said: "Stop global whining! " Such ignorance!
Gem: [guffaw]
AGLKAD: I think it is people's behavior that's causing the high temps.
Gem: I love it! I wonder where I can get one?

At this point, the young blue eyed blond life guard, sitting within earshot, about peed herself choking back laughter. The conversation continued...

Gem: Coldest record June temps!
YBEBLG: You bet, it's been freezing out here.
AGLKAD: [silent, like Marcel Marceau]
Gem: Matter of fact, I celebrated Earth Day by renting a humvee and driving all over town, left the lights on, and told people they shouldn't be out shopping, but home, making more babies!
YBEBLG: [not being able to stiffle a laugh burst out laughing]
AGLKAD: [opens pie hole, then thinking better of it, shuts it.]

Fortunately, at that point another woman came on in, and the conversation quickly turned to books. NOT "Earth in the Lurch" or whatever the hell it was called.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fr. Luis Jayme, Martyr

Not too many martyrs in California, but he was martyred at San Diego Mission de Alcala. This cross about marks the spot where he died. He was killed by Indians.

There is a sign regards his martyrdom which reads:

"Born Melchior Jayme on October 18, 1740 in the farming village of San Juan, Majorca, Spain. In 1760 he was received into the Franciscan Order and chose "Luis" as his religious name. Padre Jayme became pastor of the Mission San Diego in 1771 and was instrumental in moving the Mission inland from the Presidio to the present site in August of 1774. By December of that year, a number of adobe and thatch buildings were constructed. Crops were planted and many natives joined the Christian life and were baptized.

Progress was being made until the early hours of Novemeber 5, 1775 when hundreds of natives from surrounding rancheras set fire to Mission buildings, pillaged the church, and cruely murdered Fr. Jayme as he met them with his usual greeting 'Amar a Dios hijos - Love God, my children.'

Fr. Jayme became the first California martyr, because of his self-sacrifice, devotion, faith, and love. His remains are buried in the sanctuary of the church at Mission San Diego de Alcala."

Below is a picture of the Mission, the first in a chain of over 20 all up and down the California coast.

Surprised I hadn't posted about this earlier. I've lived so close to it for so long, I tend to take it for granted. I met a friend for Mass there last night, and thought it might be something my readers would enjoy.

BTW, Abe Lincoln, was a friend of the Missions. The Mexicans had confiscated them in the early 1800s, I believe, and they were allowed to go to ruin, and used as storehouses and all such things by the anticlerical Mexican government. Later on when this land, after it became part of the US, was given back to the church by Abraham Lincoln. [Abe gave back all the mission lands. I know up in San Juan Capistrano, there's a nice plaque mentioning his role.]

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cumque? Give us a break...

Fr. G. likes to have fun. Really. He takes full advantage of doing a votive Mass when there would otherwise be a plain old feria latin mass with "nothing doing." I was pleased yesterday morning when he'd chosen to do a memorial requiem Mass "just because." I knew something was up when I walked into church and saw the purple veil over the tabernacle. The sacristan was already in the pews, so I went over and asked "what's it going to be today" and he said "requiem memorial."

So I marked out "Mass for the dead" Basically the Mass said on Nov. 2nd for All Souls - with exception -- depending the "class of people" you're to remember. Well, we were okay, sorta. After Mass we compared notes and Fr. G. must have pulled some Gallician "only said twice EVER" Mass propers out for the Collect, Secret, and Post Communion. Everyone, including the sacristan thought "huh?" The collect started with "cumque" ["and with..."] -- none of us had that particular class of people in our Missals. Fr. G. "got us."

S'okay, score is one to one. The other week he didn't catch that he'd started to do the Mass he did on the Monday AGAIN on Tuesday. He caught himself after the first para. of the Gospel. He abruptly stopped. You could see the gears turn. "Hey, I THOUGHT I'd done this." So he flipped a few pages and started the right gospel. It pays to pay attention and follow the Latin...those who don't wouldn't have had the giggle. Didn't turn a hair, good man!

Mass today was easily the first Mass of that type I'd been to since Nov. 2, 1963!!! [Assuming mom and I went to Mass on that particular Saturday.] It was really neat to hear the Dies Irae said in the right context of the Mass. I've been enjoying the last few months, having been gradual exposed to every type of Mass. I'm collecting the whole set, bit by bit.
[On reflection I think there must be a "memorial Mass" somewhere for bank accounts - who knew?]

Monday, June 15, 2009

With "Friends" like us, who needs enemies?

Well, 0ero manages to show continued contempt for our ally, the UK. The UK, that country that is consistently "there" to help combat global terror? 0ero paid such loyalty and good will back by releasing radical Muslim Gitmo detainees to Bermuda, without consulting with the UK first. The UK, who by well known agreements, etc. is responsible for Bermudas security.

Does the head hacker sympathizer in the White House have to show continual contempt for the UK? Can the UK throw out our ambassador, because it seems to me, releasing terrorists into a country someone else has to protect seems like an act of war.

At the very least, since 0ero sent back the bust of Churchill, can the queen send back that i-pod the Obamination gave her with a message attached to tell him to shove it right up his backside? Maybe then he'll start to catch a clue. But I think the worst of it is, this evil closet Muslim, DOES know he is being contemptuous. And he doesn't give a damn.

Thanks again, all you losers who voted for him. We'll all be dead, the way this is going. But I hope you guys die before me so I can spit on your graves first. Assuming your grave isn't under the result of a nuclear weapon being expended.

[Hey, UK, if you declare war on us, for tacitly declaring war on you by this action, next time you torch the WH, can you make sure the present occupant is at home?]

Happy Flag Day

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Midway Visit and Harbor Cruise

My cousin and her husband are still visiting so we took the opportunity to do a Harbor Cruise (like I did last year) and went on the Aircraft Carrier Midway.

Panoramic View from the USS Midway:

We lucked out, although they have a nice brochure and headset and guided tour, it doesn't have the immediacy of talking to someone actually serving on such a ship. But when we were down in the engine room, by chance also was a visiting enlisted man who is serving on another carrier who works in the engine room, who was touring his own family and friends around. He said on his detail there's 12 guys, and you work your way up by learning each position -- starting with the poor schlep who has to note all the reading on the gages and communicate them to the "powers that be" upstairs. The engine room is hotter than hades as it is under normal ops but in the Gulf it can get to well over 100 degrees down there.

Here's a picture of a little bit of the engine room.

This youngster here isn't all that much younger than the average crew member. The average serving crew member on a carrier is aged 19. Car insurance companies seldom rent cars to someone that young, but the US Government trains them and trusts them to do all manner of things on a carrier including being an integral part of launching and recovering fighters off the decks of carriers. The enlisted man says that on average it takes about 7 months or so for the average fellow in the engine room to be comfortable with being able to man any of the 12 positions down there on his crew.

About half the crew on a carrier "Runs the ship" and about half are involved with carrier ops. Those handling aircraft topside all wear color coded jersies. The one is "yellow" on the flight deck plays BOSS. Everyone on deck goes on his/her command. Those in red handle ordinance, etc. "KISS" -- "Keep it simple, stupid."

I did see one potential problem. It seems to me the berths in the brig are more commodious and less claustrophobic than the ones for the enlisted men! In "real life" they do have sheets! And the enlisted men's buncks have little curtains. The little "shelf" under each bunks is the small bit of room the crewman has to store his gear. There is a bit of locker space for such larger items like pea-coats, but it's hard to be a "pack rat" on a ship. BTW, the JUNIOR officers have only two bunks for each "rack" and a few extra inches of mattress! I didn't bother going up to "officer's country" but by comparision IIRC they live in the lap of luxury, with probably a chair and a little table! I expect the captain has a jacuzzi. :-D No wet bar though. Thanks, Josephus Daniels, you tee-totaling, racist, newspaper hack, friend of Woodrow "delusional" Wilson, and spoil sport extraordinaire! So no rum ration. Offically, anyway.

Enlisted men's sleeping quarters:


There's a lot of different type of aircraft to see on board. Here is an "Avenger" the type George H.W. Bush flew towards the end of WWII.

Afterwards we were famished and ate at Anthony's -- generous portions at reasonable prices. We opted to eat outside, quicker and cheaper. We baby sat a really friendly fellow, Jake, while "mom" ordered and picked up. His "mom" informed us that Jake LOVED to find dropped French fries. He'd found one from me, and I was his bestest friend for that particular half minute.

Along the harbor are a number of statuary. Nothing too tripy, more whimsical, the kind I usually like. I like this squid:

On the other side of the Midway, the powers that be "went big."

History buffs will note the inspiration was from a famous Life Magazine photo. [The statue guy is a little less of a wolf than the real life guy. Given the "real life" guy had his hand on her butt! So he was cleaned up a bit for public consumption.)

Later on we did something really novel. We went out to Sunset Cliffs to watch...the sunset.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Apparently, the twin 44 knockers weren't enough

I think this one stands close to the zenith of Muslim Stupidity. This from the Daily Mail:

"Angry parents hounded a woman out of her job at a Muslim girls school because they believed she was a man.

Shifa Patel, a 28-year-old secretary, was accused of hiding her masculinity beneath a traditional headscarf and robes.

The hate campaign started when photographs of a short-haired Miss Patel wearing a shirt and trousers were spotted on Facebook. They were copied and emailed to dozens of concerned parents as 'proof' that Miss Patel was a man."

And there was also this: "In a bid to defuse the rumours, she underwent a humiliating medical examination to prove that she was in fact a woman. But parents refused to believe the results and the headteacher resorted to writing to all parents assuring them the secretary wasn't a man. Miss Patel was finally forced to quit after a mob of parents gathered at the Al-Islah Muslim Girls School in Blackburn and demanded governors sack her immediately.

Police were called to the school last Monday and had to disperse the more than a dozen parents at the gates."

Idiot government ministers who let these head hacker sympathizers in the country in the first place could not be reached for comment.

When is the west going to learn that these people, on a certain level just do not "assimilate well" to western culture. As Gen. George S. Patton said "They didn't know what a latrine was, until I showed them!"

(Article in full, here.)

The Muslim family en vacance. Which wife wags the willy?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cousins Rock!

Had a fun surprise visit from my cousin Rosemarie and her husband Kermit. It's their first time to Cali, and I haven't seen them since 2001. From left to right, Kermit, Rosemarie, and Me.

I was an "only" growing up, and we always moved around a lot, but I always appreciated having a lot of cousins. They were great substitute siblings for me. Close enough for fun, but without all the "mom, make her STOP looking at me" "MOM, make him/her stop touching me" crap.

Rosemarie was one of my few girl cousins. I have only two girl cousins on my mom's side, (the youngest girl, Katie, being 28 years younger than me!) Rosemarie was only 4 years older than me. Close enough to be a friend when I visited (and we also lived close by when I was 13 too.) We've always been able to easily pick up where we left off. I have 13 male cousins on that side. So it was "us two" against the bulk of them for the longest time!

Below is a picture of most of us "older" cousins on my grandmother's back porch. I was 4 and some, and Rosemarie was about 8. I'm at the far left in my saddle shoes and Rosemarie is right next to me. My youngest uncle, Joe, is the oldest here, holding the hand of Paul, Rosemarie's youngest brother. "The gang" [save my uncle John Shelak's kids, and Rosemarie's brother, Andy] was all there. Once, when I was not much older than I was here, we kids were all playing a game where we'd lay out a "treasure hunt" outside. You'd make a clue which would describe, somewhat cryptically, where the next clue was. And the person who found the last clue got to make up the next trail of clues. I "won" [figuring out the last clue was in a scarecrow) and because I couldn't write yet, Rosemarie helped me with the next set of clues. She was such a good cousin---not like her evil brother, Andy, who showed me how to play "Swab the deck."

(Hey, Rosemarie, you can click this bottom picture for a larger one you can save - I think my mom took this picture.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

EMAIL FRAUD-someone tried to pose as Bank of America

When I checked my email this a.m. I had a letter purporting to be from Bank of America. It said that it suspected "unusual activity" on my BofA account on "07/06/2009" and "they" wanted me to click on a link "" in order to "look at you statement" and then I could continue to use my account.

I immediately suspected fraud, simply by the date format. To an American, "07/06" means JULY 6th. [and we're not likely to use a 4 digit year either "09" would have been enough. How could I have had "suspicious activity" on a date which has not yet occurred?

When I rolled my cursor over the alleged BofA site, I noticed in the information area at the bottom of the browser it went to a website that was for "leilarosellaboutique" and it had a com after it then a forward slash, the word "image" and another forward slash and "boa" after that [I don't want to put this in a format anyone will click on in this post.]

I immediately called up Bank of America and reported it -- they had me forward the letter to -- and they informed me that if they HAD noticed unusual activity in an account they would NOT have sent a letter to us, informing us to click on anything.

The email had convincing looking B of A logos, etc.

Don't be fooled -- if you see something similar, contact you own bank and forward anything similar you get to them.

Needless to say, I did not click on the link. But forwarded it, and deleted it, then deleted it from Mail trash.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Author of Proverbs 31: 10-31 Rocks the Casbah!

Okay, just so I don't sound like an "I hate men" kinda person, by contrast to Paul's hissy fit in Corinthians, I LOVE the Epistle reading that was read this morning at St. Anne's. The all-knowing, all-seeing, clairvoyant Fr. G. must have known I needed an antidote to Paul, so he had chosen to do the Mass for St. Anne, as there was "nothing on" otherwise, and it's more fun to do a votive Mass.

Proverbs 31:10-31 TOTALLY ROCKS. Whatever guy wrote this TOTALLY "GOT IT." Husband and wife as equal members of A TEAM. The virtuous woman essentially has GOD as her inspiration. Her husband revers her for her innate intrinsic qualities. She's smart. She knows a good buy in land that will produce, so she obtains the land. She looks after the household in such a way as to anticipate, their needs. She speaks with wisdom and clemency. In other word's she's HERSELF is reflecting the light of God. She not getting her innate qualities as crumbs that fall off hubby, but that flow from GOD to her. Naturally husband and wife also reflect God to each other--- but it's not like God says "Hey, that bimbo you're married to, she doesn't have the sense I gave Geese, do all her thinking for her, because without you, she isn't worth a box of rocks."

And the STRONG man doesn't fear the strong woman. God is calling the playbook for both of them.

Take the following words and punctuate them:

woman without her man is nothing

Paul would punctuate it:

"Woman, without her man, is nothing."

The guy who wrote that section of proverbs would have been more likely to punctuate it:

"Woman! Without her, man is nothing."

Now THERE'S a guy "If I knew he was comin' I'd have baked a cake
" for. Paul can have the stale bag of left over chips, and he's welcome to all the flat beer he can drink. And when he shakes dust from his feet, he should be quick so the door doesn't hit him where God split him.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

There'd better be a resurrection of the body

Because I've been just itching to punch Paul RIGHT in the snocker. " shouldn't have their heads covered because THEY reflect the glory of God." Yeah, well, I guess as far as it goes. But apparently women are just pieces of crap to him, because we were made as freaking little "helpmates" supposed to by default walk two paces behind men automatically. Paul's a prime candidate for bobbetectomy territory. Paul, just put a sock in it. Yes. He would have hated me as a parishioner.

Been wanting to say that for a while. And what's all this "God is head of Christ" business. DUDE. Christ IS God. Duh. Take that cultural crap, Paul, and stick it where the moon don't shine. And I bet those guys who you suckered into getting circumcisions weren't happy with you, either. No wonder you were probably the original wandering Jew. Betcha got ridden out of town on more than one rail. TENTMAKER. I hope you DID have an older sister who regularly beat the snot out of you. You deserved every little bit of it. Is the year of Paul OVER yet?

[Yes, I'm having a crappy day, and I may as well take it out on Paul as anyone.]

Friday, June 5, 2009

New York's Finest Repeatedly Ticket Car with Dead Man Inside.

Classic. You can't make this up: "A city marshal found the body of George Morales on Wednesday while trying to tow the minivan from beneath the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway overpass. Parking tickets and dust covered the vehicle. " Full story here.

Ronnie, we hardlly knew ye

A great patriot, and a great American. Ronaldus Magnus. 1911-2004. RIP, Ronnie.

Barry Makes Friends

Yeah, he's gonna bring "peace in our time." Perhaps, PIECES in our time, but fat chance of this piece of dreck bringing anything but trouble.

All that's missing for this trifecta is Kim Jong Mentally Ill. Barry's trying to figure out what to apologize for to them, but he'll get around to it, after he puts his butt in the air for a few more Muslim potentates.

I propose a new law: Fine for throwing a brick through the window of anyone with a Zero sticker: One cent.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Sacrareum

Yea! About a month or two ago we'd been undergoing some smartening up of the sacristy. [About 15 years ago we had extensive work done in the church to retrofit to make it more earthquake proof. Back then we'd had the sacrareum replaced, it was old, and not functioning right. But it wasn't a proper sacrareum that was put in.] The last piece was put in place about two weeks ago. A REAL Sacrareum. Now the vessels can be cleaned out properly and this Sacrareum's left side goes onto the ground. A pit was dug for it outside, lined with rocks over the ground. A lot of needed new cabinetry was also put in. I must say the last two pastors have greatly made up for taking care of the physical plant. This previous pastor doing the retrofit of the church (badly needed) and this one taking care of the rectory (also badly needed!) and the remaining bits that weren't able to be gotten to before. Because prior to these last two pastors, zip-all had been done for 17 years.

Happy Graduation Day

May and June is the time of the year when all across the US newly minted graduates get their recognition. This happy young man is Tim R. - who used to serve Mass at my parish from the time he was aged 9 until he was about 16, graduated last night. It's easy to see mom and dad are so proud.
One thing I have always loved about the US education system, is that it is very forgiving to those who took a detour in life, and don't exactly graduate on schedule. Tim got his diploma a few years later than his contemporaries. He'd had a bout with the "don't want to studies" in his early teen years which delayed him. Then he "got some sense" and straightened his life around, and buckled down. A harder prospect when most of your contemporaries have gone on to full time jobs and / or further schooling. But he persisted. He also has about a semester's worth of college credits under his belt. The California system allows all those 18 and up to enroll in the community college system, regardless if they have their HS diploma or not. As long as they can do the work, they are "in." Next year he'll still be working and going to college part time. There's more than one way to skin a cat. Tim's family and friends celebrated at Filipi's Pizza last night, a great Italian restaurant in the Little Italy section of San Diego.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Delusional Muslim in Oval Office Says USA "Biggest Muslim Nation"

Once again, I'd like to thank the 68+ million American Assholes who voted for this usurper. I loathe you people more than I loathe him, if possible.

Barry Soetero, who declared the US "not a Christian Nation" has claimed that the US is now the biggest Muslim Nation. I hope the Egyptians, or wherever he's going to be doing his next round of "apology tour" realize he is an apostate. How many Muslim princelings will he kow-tow to this time around?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tide Pure Essentials does the trick!

I don't think I've ever given a product endorsement before, but this stuff was great. I had some really filthy jeans and socks and the Tide "pure essentials" with baking soda really did the job. The clothes came out smelling great, and were nice and soft on top of it without any fabric softener added.
Oh, and as a "point of order" -- there's a very good reason why I can *NEVER* give anyone the one fingered salute in traffic. :-D Too many people know me. When I was doing my laundry at the laundrymat last night, there was a woman who said "hey, don't I know you from ICC?" She's seen me assist at Mass every Sunday. We had a nice conversation, but I've had people mentioning this to me for the last 30+ years. A lot of people "know" me but I don't necessarily know them. By name anyway. We get a lot of people who come over to our church who belong to other parishes, because we're in a "tourist spot." So it's kind of like "hey, let's go down to Old Town" for dinner then we can go to Mass there too. So as a rule of thumb, no "salutes" from me, although I won't guarantee not to do plenty of yelling and screaming with the windows rolled up when the situation warrents it!
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