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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy All Saints Day

I don't usually go to St. Anne's on a Sunday, but I went to the high Mass this morning where they laid on all the bells and whistles. It was only the second time I've heard the Amazing Fr. G. give a sermon!

I wanted to hear a sermon today (haven't for weeks-- the Sainted Fr. S. doesn't do one for lil ole me.] -- and I wasn't disappointed. Fr. G. said how it's rare that anyone takes to heart the business of "rejoicing and being glad" when persecuted for the faith. We can judge how far we are to heaven by how far we are off the Mark. He also mentioned that in cofession, people sometimesmention how "they are working on this or that." But it's realy not US doing the work, it's thegrace of God working in us. Pray for strength and grace.

No pics, for once I didn't bring my camera. But he busted out the gold vestments. Missa Cantata, technically. 6 servers.

I also think it's good to remember the saints likely in heaven who weren't Catholic. I'm thinking of the young protestant girl, for instance, who was killed at Columbine, because she would not deny Christ to her killers. Surely she must be in heaven too.


Tracy said...

Happy Belated All Saints Day!!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Hope you had a good All Saints day

gemoftheocean said...

I did. I went to Mass twice, once to catch this special EF Mass, and the other to assist the Sainted Fr. S.

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