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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Planned Parenthood Director quits and is sued.

Rejoice that a former Planned Parenthood director has quit and joined the prolife side in Bryan, Tx. Abby Johnson worked for Planned Parenthood for the past 8 years, but quit last month - according to one source she'd seen an ultrasound of an abortion and couldn't take it any more. She jonied the prolife cause and how prays with the Coalition for Life outside the clinic where until just recently for the past 2 years she was the center director.

Planned Parenthood has slapped a temporary restraining order on her and the prolife coalition leader -- they're not "happy" that she has revealed that in this last year she was ordered to focus on shilling for more abortions due to the rough downturn in the economy.

You can see video here.

Somewhere else I had read read that one of the best tools prolife has is the ultra sound -- PP and the like HATE it when mothers see their babies. Hard to kill a "blob of tissue" when it has feet fingers, a head, etc.

Some years back I'd seen a video put out by another FORMER director of an abortion clinic. She'd also had a change of heart. She also revealed that a common tactic that creates a vertical marke for such clinics is that they know that Birth Control pills require a higher dossage over time. i.e. what was effective to start with, gradually over time becomes less and less effective to work. Kind of like how a junkie needs more to get high. Well, eventually that BC pill fails, but there is Planned Parenthood, etc. there to "come to the resuce" by providing the opportunity to kill the child -- more expensive --- and when they do that they can kick off a cycle.

[I note with irritation, there is a paid ad whcih pops up in "related videos" for a late term abortion shill -- a caution to those who use ad sense, or the like and don't carefully filter -- I've written to the website maintenence people to ask them to try and filter the ad, and I hope you will too.] Update: since I wrote, "liz" from the Brietbart site wrote and told me that afew peopleearlier tday had alerted her to it, but they haven't been a ble to replicate it being brought up -- but I told her where it's popping up and they are trying to rectify the situation.]

Follow up story and video is here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for publishing this. Those facts need wide publicity.

gemoftheocean said...

Too many people think of Planned Parenthood as the place they can go get their pills, etc. The dirty not-so-secret is that they are also the biggest abortion mills in America.

People who would swear up and down that they are not racists, don't seem to realize the entanglement Margaret Sanger (the founder, in the early part of the last century) was very much into the so-called superiority of the white northern european race, she did not want blacks, asians, and eastern european and southern european (i.e. Catholic or Orthodox, or Jews) to reproduce. There are photos of her speaking to KKK as well as some books which planned parenthood has sought to supress by not reprinting them.

I'll have to look for the reference again, but there are a few books of hers which are now no longer eligible forcopywrite protection where she spells out, in naked fashion, hersupport for eugenics.

It's no accident that abortion mills are often placed in areas where the population is largely hispanic and black. Not universally, I can think of ones in more commercial area (notably the PP office is in Mission Valley in San Diego, across the highway from two large centrally located shopping Malls -- but this "Vertical market" of theirs should be no surprise. Birth control fails? "Gee whiz, not like we knew that wouldn't happen, we can "fix" that for you."

The envirowhacko group are also noticably silent on what is produced by these pills etc. recycling back into the ecosystem.

You can read more about Sanger here. After Hitler, the Planned Parenthood people have tried to cover their tracks -- like dumping a hand full of cat liter on a dung heap -- for anyone who really wants to find out the truth -- but too many people avert their eyes and pretend her motives were somehow pristine.

Anonymous said...

I saw this story. I am so pleased for the woman who has left this filthy job. I hope more will follow. Gradually the tactics and just the plain evil of PP is coming to light; what with killing black babies being understandable, and baby's corpses left out in big bins and so on.
I always think of myself as pessimistic type of realist-but is that light I see..?

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