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Monday, November 16, 2009

UK Guardian goes Hysterical re: strong Conservative Women

God knows I wouldn't normally go near the Guardian, although I'm told it makes fine fishwrap. But one website I frequent linked to this article. This guy is in the club of liberal white males start covering their pee-pees when up against women who are not on the liberal ghetto reservation of pro-abortion, socialism (what do YOU call a power grab of 1/6th of the economy?), people who question the twaddle of the global warming scam and aren't down with school indoctrination of skulls full of mush being made to sing the praises of the Obaminator. He doesn't like the fact that it was pointed out that Obama, does, in fact "hang out with terrorists." [You know, William Ayres, the guy who bombs things.]

The spector of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Michele Malkin has him in a conniption. It's delightful. It's clear he much prefers the "go along to get along" non-"in your face types" that have been caving in to the liberals. The thought of resolve puts fear into him.


Packrat said...

"Many Americans are also suffering in the recession. That is a grim picture but one that also makes many voters vulnerable to a talented rabble-rouser." Isn't that exactly what Obama is/was/did? The rest of us - that the liberals are touting as "dangerous" are just being what we have always been, as many of our parents and grandparents were before us - conservative. I had to quit reading. I could actually "feel" my blood pressure rising.

gemoftheocean said...

I'm betting he didn't call zero a "rabble rouser."

Conservative women are "dangerous" because we're off the liberal plantation.

Packrat said...

We were dangerous in the late 1960's and early 1970's when we started wearing pants and telling men that we wanted "equal" rights. We were dangerous when the men came home from the wars and found that we could do their work as well or better than they could. We were dangerous when we wanted the right to vote.

This is a little different, but not really. We women pose a threat. (I'm not saying I'm a Feminist - just a conservative feminist. There is a difference.)

gemoftheocean said...

Count me as a card carrying member of that tribe.

[BTWm the nice thing about conservative men, is they aren't afraid of capable conservative women! So big up for "our guys" and sucks to the metro crowd!]

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