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Monday, December 28, 2009

For all Movie Buffs, and especially English ones

You would probably enjoy this article from today's Torygraph on classic British movies .

A good friend and I have long admired the English for their acting abilities. It's our theory that they're so good because in their own society, (particularly in decades past) they were keen observers of nuances in social status and pecking order -- thus giving them keen insight into playing desparate characters to a "T." Also, at least in "bye gone" times, terrifically good actors, "stars" -- would be happy to play a smaller "character" role if was suited to them.

Having said that, (are you ready for the handgrenade?) -- I can't STAND Lawrence Olivier's HENRY V. I wouldn't have followed him to the corner, much less "the vasty fields of France." And he was too OLD to play Hamlet.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts lately

Over here and at Burymenotontheloneprairie.

I have been fighting nausea for going on two weeks now. Will resume shortly. Last week was devastating, and this week - I've only slowly been able to start carefully putting food back in my stomach.

I came close to hurling what little I got down after I found out about the 1a.m. raid the 'craps pulled the other night. I hope a lot of congressscum get the traditional "necktie" under their trees this year -- and no, not the Christmas tree.


Friday, December 18, 2009

All I want for Christmas

Is for this arrogant SOB to trip and break his own damned neck. Any thing else is gravy. The sooner this Marxist thug is gone the better it will be.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Way to Go, ZERO!!!!!

The only one I feel sorry for in the Sordid Obominator Mess is the King of Norway.

The poor man has no say so who will recieve this questionable Nobel Peace prize. By convention, he is bound to offer Zero the niceties which have always accompanied the prize giving.

Though most of the Nobel prizes are awared by Sweden, the one prize that Norway gets to Award is the now degraded "peace prize" -- Given such dirtbags as AlBore, Arafat, an numerous other charltans have recieved this less-than-a-crackerjack "prize" -- Zero and the majority of granola crunching, one-sheet-of-toilet-paper-using, tofu eating, Volvo driving, birkenstock wearing, long haird, maggot infested creeps on the Nobel committee deserve each other.

the Children of Oslo saw that you have NO CLOTHES and NO Manners. Well, the Euro left still loves your Marxist butt -- so enjoy -- we can't wait to throw you out. Unless God smiles upon us and strikes you with a bolt of lightening and takes care of this for us. I'd consider it a personal favor to the Republic.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Goodbye, Bad Bishops

I love this website. If you've ever wondered "When does that guy have to submit his resignation, I can't WAIT for him to be counting the holes in the accoustical tile over his rocking chair?" just go to the website.

If it's come down to you asking that question, then yes, your bishop is probably on this site. I was less than astonished that my own bishop sits at #5. Barack Insane Obama will be gone from office before him, but he won't be too many months behind.

I love the fact that someone has taken the time to find all the pictures and do the "countdown" to the second. Now granted I hope Papa Ratzinger lives longer than these guys to be there still when their time comes to "pack their knives and go."[*]

I'm putting this useful link in the sidebar.

* - Apologies to "Top Chef"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who are you, and what have you done with the Pope

Apparently, the pope IS living under a rock. Is he perhaps getting Alzheimers? I thought he was going to start reading things for himself and paying attention to the news himself without letting throse idiots at L'Osservatore Romano do his Weltenschaug for him.

He's still suckered by "Global Climate Change."

Did he learn NOTHING from the Fellay business. "gee, he's a holocaust denier?"

Why is the Pope worshipping at the Altar of AlBore? He needs to clean house of his "advisors." They're making him look like an absolute sucker and fool.

[H/T to Pator Emeritus for finding this story.]

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Prothonotary Warbler Sighting!!! - I'm as giddy as Hiss!

Rara Avis this morning at Mass. A Premonstratensian. I was beside myself. I'd only met one or two in my life, by chance at the reception after Abbot Claude's funeral. But I'd never seen one in situ!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pay no attention to that man....

behind the curtain. Honestly, is Zero so stupid that he thinks he can pretend the climategate scandal hasn't been exposed for what it is? This cigar blew up in his face two years ago, and he's trying to pretend he has a viable Havana in his mouth.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Judge allows prolife defendents to appeal on grounds of proabortion bias

"Chicago-based Thomas More Society attorneys appeared in St. Joseph County Criminal Court today to argue for dismissal of trespass charges against pro-life advocates because campus police acted improperly. The charges were brought by local prosecutors based on complaints by University of Notre Dame security police during Obama protests last May at the University. In addition to the motion to dismiss, Thomas More Society attorney Tom Dixon argued that Judge Jenny Pitts Manier had an actual or perceived bias based on her prior rulings, her husband's outspoken criticism of Catholic pro-life teachings as a philosophy professor at Notre Dame ...." etc.

REad full story here.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Flying Muslims try terrorizing passengers again

We are going to all be killed like those soldiers at Ft. Hood if the PC police don't take their heads out of their backsides.

Today, I just read about the terror tactic dry run by a group of Muslim men on a domestic airline Air Tran 297 flight from Atlanta to Houston this Nov. 17th. The News media have been SITTING on this. This is similar to the Flying Imam stunt pulled almost 3 years ago.

Read this, with disgust. So help me, when Richard Reeves tried his shoe bomb stunt, I'm surprised the passengers of that flight didn't kill them then and there.

These people should all be sitting in jail.

Unfreaking believable - San Fransissyco tries to get away with a 14 million dollar HATE tax

Read the story here. This will go to the US Supreme Court if the State Supreme court ends up having its head up its rear end.

Seems the diocese is consolidating property and the City is trying to assess "Transfer taxes." Mind you, no property has been sold, or changed hands. Have they tried this stunt with other churches? In a word, no. Who the hell do these people think they are? They really think they are going to get away with this?

Gee, maybe because the Church didn't want gay marriage? Just maybe?

Yes, you CAN use the Pill and still not sin

The woman puts it between her knees, and holds it there.

100% effective birth control. 1oo% okay with the church. Assuming the partner is your spouse. No nasty chemicals in the body either.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chrissy Matthews Loves Barry

""It seems like in this case, there isn't a lot of excitement," Matthews said. "I watched the cadets, they were young kids - men and women who were committed to serving their country professionally it must be said, as officers. And, I didn't see much excitement. But among the older people there, I saw, if not resentment, skepticism. I didn't see a lot of warmth in that crowd out there."

Crissy, any cadets that were there were forced to be there.  PErsonally, I wouldn't walk across the street to see the SOB.

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