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Thursday, October 22, 2009

49 out of 50 US States + DC Lost Jobs since "Stimulus"

Have you HAD IT with people who sport Obama stickers by now? Shove the following .jpeg in their faces tomorrow. Ask them how the dope with the change is working out for them. Zero bragged that he was going to create millions of new jobs with his porkulus project. The only state to gain jobs from February to Sept (latest figs available) was North Dakota. In other words, about 5 new jobs, because North Dakota doesn't even have 700,000 people living there.

[Click picture to enlarge.]

Full story is here.

The Kenyan Marxist crook was braying that 3.6 million jobs would be created. Well, since then the US has LOST 2.7 million jobs. The dollar may as well be used for toilet paper.

Last week, I didn't mention it on the blog, but as I was gassing up at the local Arco to get to work, I absolutely laid into some son-of-a-bitch who had an Obama sticker on his car. I ripped him a new one and told him I was holding him and his ilk personally responsible for voting for that jackass. This cowering jerk actually started to run for cover to the attendant, then he realized that by doing so he looked like the candy ass he was by doing that. Go ahead, make my day.

I also informed him that zero didn't give a damn about his health as he's written off people over 40. I said I hope his whole family suffers if zerocare passes, and I hoped his 401k is now a 101k.


And I don't feel the least bit sorry for bitching him out. He deserved every nasty word I said to him. I don't care if he'd BORROWED the damn car because his was in the shop. He should have torn the damn sticker off.

If zero trips off the Truman balcony and breaks his neck, call me up, and we can dance in the street together. To borrow a line from Ronaldus Magnus: "The economy will recover when he loses HIS job." The sooner the better.

[IIRC, my opening salvo was "I can't believe anyone still has a f***ing Obama sticker on their car." It went downhill from there! And it was a "salvo" given I could probably have been heard as far north as Orange County and as far east as the Imperial Valley. People in Cabo San Lucos said "Que Paso?" and the tsunami should hit Japan soon. If the kangaroos were unusally active last week they were probably reacting to the shock waves sent through the earth's mantle, unless the death rays set off from the satellites were triggered inadvertently. I'd been saving that particular blast for months now.]


Dymphna said...

My firm just let 8 people go. And the hint is that more will follow.

gemoftheocean said...

Dymphna, I'm not surprised. My job involvescalling a lot of business. Timeater time I hear "We had to lay people off." or "I had to cut evceryone's hours back so everyone can stay employed." OR people who've simply rtired early, or closed their doors.

I do blame a lot ofthe cheerleadersfrom the main stream press who gloated over him like hewas goingto be the second coming. They never asked him a question harder than "what's your favorite color?"

Aparently instad of embracing the rainbowof colors, he's all about RED.

Saul Alinsky red.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Gem, awesome for laying that person out to try...Anyone with a Zero sticker should be treated just as you did, good job :)

I've had it with Zero stickers too..Great comment on North Dakota, it's true, lol.

I've really got to travel to SD more often, lol

gemoftheocean said...

Joe, SD has 4 more people than ND due to Rushmore.

Anonymous said...

Many countries are already in recovery; Germany and Japan to name 2. The countries that are either struggling or sinking have socialist Govts; Spain, us over here in the UK and ...well, you lot.
Living under Labour's nasty jack boot for so long has been very hard going. What with the internet and all I assumed people in America knew what a mess we were in-so I was increasingly surprised that so many (especially so called Catholics) voted in The Messiah.
Same with your health system. If it needs fixing-fix it. For heaven's sake don't get yourselves an NHS!!

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Karen, we need video next time.

gemoftheocean said...

Thanks, mum6. it pains me to say this but too many American are absolute $hicapital"T"regards fairly recent history.

It is a big mistake to think all americans are clueless (the ones who aren't are generally called "conservatives") but sad to say we have reached the stage where too many people couldn't tell you what happened on 9/11, much less have the brains see a train coming to hit them head on, flashing lights and whistles and bells until the damn train is about to hit them.

Despite warnings all last year that Zero was vomited out of the political mess of Chicago with virtually no resume, other than being a party hack with a narcissitic messianic complex and a thin skin --- Bush bashing was in full throtle and was ushered in by a boat load of people who paid more attention to what was happening on American Idol.

63 million assholes out of a nation of 300+ million people, and all 300+ million have to suffer for it.

But they were out to prove how "tolerant" they were because some of them wanted to prove they weren't racists just because they voted for a 1/2 black man, a man who race/color/class is everything. A far cry from MLKing, Jr. who wanted his children judged on the content of their character, rather than the colorof their skin.

Now some of these same idiots have had it come to them in schocking reality how duped they were, and they are NOT happy. FOXnews (one of the few news outlets not an outright cheerleader for zero in '08) has seen its ratings soar, and the public is in an ugly mood.

The obamabots wanted to get in our faces last year, I say we get in theirs and not be "polite" about it. Not while liberty is being taken away. I'm holding these losers responsible for voting for this Marxist.

If health care passes, those who passed it will largely be DEAD, politically. We come up for house elections in '10, and THAT campaign season is almost upon us. [in the US the whole house of representatives 400+ members comes up every two years - their elections are held that way because spending bills must originate there and they are more responsive to the people that way, or should be)

Some of the jackass RINOs (Republican in Name Only) in the senate could potentially be in trouble too in their own party for talking out of their mouths one way at home, and another way in the Halls of congress.

1/3 of them come up for re-election every two years as well. [Senate terms are for 6 years. it allows, in theory for some stability in the senate.)

The founding fathers were VERY wise. If not their political progeny.

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

I think these would be great to add to Obomiation's Bumper Stickers

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