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Friday, October 23, 2009

bizness lingo splained to you

"He's ACTUALLY in a meeting now" means he for sure as hell isn't and has told the recptionist to hold all calls unless from mother, wife, or mistress - and in some cases from the former two of those.

"He's in a meeting right now"- he probably really is.

"I'm on a long distance call right now." No, they're not. They thought you were someone else when they picked up the phone. The "long distance" is a dead give away. Who gives a flip about such distinctions now?

"I'm on another call right now, call back." They really are on another call - call back.

"He's on the factory floor right now" - We can't find him, he's probably skipped off to the nearest bar.

Call a lawyer's office and the secretary lets you right through without trying to play gatekeeper? That means the receptionist is ticked off at the laywer. It's particularly good to call law offices at the end of the day, because by that time the lawyer HAS done something to tick off the receptionist.


Anonymous said...

Good laugh. Thanks.
Here is another :

"I agree with you in principle" means "I'll be damned rather than go along with you in practise!

Tracy said...

Great laugh, just what I needed:)

DammitWomann said...

Just as I suspected..

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