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Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day!!

I love holidays. Even civic holidays when I don't get the day off. [Those govvie so-and-sos do, so if your mail doesn't show up, you know why. If it DOES show up, call up Ripley's.]

For me deciding when "Fall" really arrives, has always been a little tricky. Yes, "Techincally" on Sept. 21st BUT Pscyhologically? It's a different story.

When I was little it was the first day of school in September. But as I got older and we moved west, it was definitely hard to really tell. Football season? Fall-like weather, but even in December here the days are nice. Every year I have to wait for the day I have to sleep with a sheet, and there's that chill when the sun goes down. It's finally here. This past Saturday at Starbucks I really craved a hot caramel apple spice (cider) instead of a cold drink. I indulged. The thought of "all tastes pumpkin, apples or cider" appeals. If we can just make it through end of October past fire season, we'll be home free. We're still waiting for the first really good rain in months.

Oh, it's TEASED rain -- and there were even a few drops here and there the other day, but nothing to make a real splash. Just enough to rearrange the dirt on one's car.

Anyway, I'm going to have some spaghetti, and some apple pie with cheese tonight in honor of Christopher, the Italian guy, employed by Spain who sailed the Ocean Blue in fourteen hundred of ninety two.

[God only knows what rhymes grade school kids are taught about Columbus today. And it is nice that it will be celebrated on the actual day rather than just "second Monday in October."]


Packrat said...

Good post. I hope you make through without any more fires, too. Scary.

Anonymous said...

waiting "for the day I have to sleep with a sheet."
Must look that up in the moral theology handbooks!

gemoftheocean said...

It's okay, Father, we're good friends! :-D

Packrat, we actually did have a little rain last night! At least the ground was wet when I got up to go to Mass this morning. STILL not enough to clean the car, entirely, mind you. But enough to clean up the air (not that it needed much cleaning, but it has that nice crisp "fall" smell (NOT the "burning forests and brush" fall smell either!]

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