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Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Landmark Education" -- uh, catch ya later, dude

As I post this, some of my co-workers are being suckered in a lunch time on site "meeting" of an initial presentation given by someone from "Landmark Education" -- yesterday the office manager came through with a brochure that I took a cursory glance at. I was immediately suspicous in that it seemed like an exprensive brochure, with a lot of testimonials from some well known people who attested to how "life transforming" this "education" could be. Having previously opted out at a session at a former work place who'd tried a similar thing on with "The Secret" my antennae was up.

Well, today, this seminar guy shows up. I and another cowoker are not "in the little circle" "sharing."

The two young bosses were probably told it was some sort of "power of positive thinking" thing. Whatever. Don't know. The seminar guy is taking people through the first steps of a little work book "What's missing in my life" "What's not working."

Fortu,nately I take my own computer to work and was able to quickly look up "Landmar Education" and find out that in France and Belgium it's listed as a cult. I was not entralled with other things I read either. I was able to quietly call over another co-worker. He's a southern guy and likely very religious and showed him my screen, and he's also stayed out of the little circle. The other people more than likely didn't do a "check."

Great. First under assault from the priest at church trying to make me ignore the Eucharist, and now THIS "thing" at work.

"Bella premunt hostilia" really takes on more and more layers of meaning.

How long, oh Lord?

[At the beginning of the hour the "instigator" said "you need to move your chair over in this area" and I said "Gotta check my email" -- well, I've been "checking." They haven't tried again to make the other co-worker or myself come over. Yet. If they do, there will be a polite ear full.

This is not a time I need to lose my job at the moment, and they'd better not press it!

[Update: the thing ran an hour and forty minutes and it wasn't supposed to go over an hour. My one co-worker and I had a lovely long lunch, checking up on email and facebook, with both of us posting what BS it all was.!] I think the boss was less than thrilled.


HEATHER said...

Oh good grief!! That is just beyond awful. I think I might be working on my resume.

HEATHER said...

Well I just went and googled it, and it was founded by the same nut who did that Est crappe back in the 70's. You were right to be suspicious!

gemoftheocean said...

He rambled on for and hour and 40 minutes. No one said anything to us after.

Anonymous said...

If you look further on the net you will find much more positive info about Landmark, than negative.

I suggest you give it a try.

Dallas Texas

Anonymous said...

A very holy Canon, now deceased, told me that the form of the Last Judgment had been changed. Those on His right would hear the words "Come Blessed of my Father inherit the Kingdonm prepared for you", while those on His left would hear "You can go over there and form into little groups and circles".

gemoftheocean said...

Good one, EP. I've left the "anon" comment up to let everyone see how invidious this stuff is. Apparently they've got someone full time to check out anything bad said about Landmark.

I think people in sales get subjected to this junk far too often. This is twice now in the last 5 years.

And EP I love your statement about hell. I think I've had a built in "BS Meter" go off since I was 5 years old or so regards the "make a circle" stuff.

I was always the one with the "anarchy" streak in the bunch. When I was 5 we had a sliding board in our kindergarten class.

One morning the teacher had put a wastebasket in between two of the steps. She didn't say "Don't use the sliding board " as we usually could. She just "assumed" we wouldn't "because. I ignored the thing, and she was surprised someone skirted her little "rule" and used the board. If she'd just asked nicely instead of assuming people wouldn't think outside the box...

I also had to laugh a bit when the guy said something about "controllng one's life." I thought "well, the co-worker next to me and I were already not down with your little meeting, unlike the sheep you have in front of you, we can already think for ourselves."

Jessica said...

Landmark Education is an eye opening education that can give you the ability to have a new view other than your own. Unfortunately it sounds like you post insulting things online that furthers separation on the planet. Landmark is for people who would like to contribute, make a difference and have loving lasting relationships. It is probably not something you would be interested in. I am sure your relationships with your parents and partner are FABULOUS without any help from anyone else. Good for you. I wish we all could be that way. I personally benefited a lot from the program. I have a wonderful relationship, getting married in France, great friends with both my parents and love my life. What would your life look like if you were open to something new be it Landmark or other things?

gemoftheocean said...

Jess, you drank the kool-aide.

Like no one else on the planet can have great relationships, etc?

Puhleeze. I don't need a fricken expensive seminar to do that either.

A friend of mine mentioned that a coworker of hers, along with her husband are heavily into LM. She says she can always tell when they go to the meetings because her coworker is ditzier and more dysfuncitonally delusional than ever.

I love this reconsistuted karma stuff. I guess those 6 million Jews were having a bad hair day, and if they had just thought pleasant things, bad things wouldn't have happened to them!

I already have a God, and it doesn't involve LM!

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