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Monday, October 5, 2009

Dogs were Born to Sleep in the Sun

Especially this one: Her name is Kia. Part pit bull, but she is the sweetest natured doggie in the office. The bosses are canine friendly. We've had as many as 5 dogs in the office at one time. This particular one is my favorite. She was bringing her bone along to show everyone in the office today.
She even let the boss take it from her without giving up a fuss!!! [This NEVER happens with most dogs.] She daintily waited for him to give it back, which he did, fortunately! She'd "had it" the other day with the little pocket Pincher (whom most of us in the office think is on crack)and she let him know who was boss of THAT relationship! Docile she may be, but she doesn't suffer fools gladly.


Anonymous said...


HEATHER said...

I knew I liked you for some reason!
I have been owned by two sweet, very rotten pitties in my life, and they are the best dogs in the world. They have a rotten reputation, and are horribly abused by subhuman scumbags. Kia is a doll!!

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, I've seen some mean ones too, but I agree that's because the owner shouldn't have been aloud near a cockroach, much less a dog.

This one raps her tail on the floor when anyone walks by.

Packrat said...

Awww. So we aren't the only crazy ones! Dogs and cats often run around in the office. The only problem we have is that sometimes the dogs bark when we're trying to talk on the phone. Most people on the other end thinks it's great and laugh.

My son has had several pits - not one of them mean. The one he has now is a "marshmallow".

gemoftheocean said...

Yikes, pardon all to heck and begone for the rotten spelling I used on the last post.


Sheesh. Yes, I need new contacts.

Yeah, when you get a good "pit" they're great. They *could* chew your arm off, IF they felt like it. They just don't feel like it.

Anonymous said...

Awww ... what a lovely doggie..

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