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Friday, January 2, 2009

What in Hades happened to the UK Telegraph

They used to be relatively conservative. But they have gone ape-sh*t over Obama. Do they not have editors any more? What the hell do they mean by having a headline like: "EVEN Obama can't solve the Middle East Crisis." There's a lot wrong with this but what particularly grates is the word "Even" as in "this man is better than the second coming, but EVEN HE (Mr. Wonderful) can't solve this one."

Has the whole world gone to hell in a handbasket over this charlatan and fool?

Digihairshirt has an excellent post re: the Washington Post having a "congratulatory" paid announcement section for "the one." She posted someone's amusing proposed announcement, to which I add my own for the Mombassa boy:

"Fantastic, unbelieveable! Caring! kind! Oh, future friends and nice DAR dames indeed effervesce!"

And I can endorse the above statement whole heartedly. To those of you who wonder if I have lost my mind, I suggest you google “Draft Ode for a Phi Beta Kappa Occasion."


Anonymous said...

Referring to the President-Elect of the United States as "Mombassa Boy" is unpleasant racist abuse.

gemoftheocean said...

TM: TOUGH. For me not to call him "Mombassa boy" would be racist. I despised Clinnochio from the moment he said he "smoked but didn't inhale" and I despise Mobassa Boy for not dissimilar reasons. [That's a deliberate litotis, BTW.] Liberals need to get it through their thick skulls that by calling him anything different from what I would call a white in a similar situation is what would be "Racist." Take your PC and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

This soon-to-be-commander-in-Chief, isn't even an American, and he is being protected by judges who are wiping the consitution on their backsides from having to show his ACTUAL birth certificate, and not a "short form" certificate of live birth. There IS a difference. The short form that his minions have pulled out simply states that he was BORN. Period. Doesn't say WHERE. I highly suspect, with hundreds of thousands of others that he hasn't produced a valid US birth certificate, showing he was actually born here - BECAUSE HE CAN'T. IF he could, he would have done it. His African grandmother has said that SHE WAS PRESENT when he was born - IN KENYA.

This in itself wouldn't be a problem, if not for the fact that his father was not a citizen, and when his mother gave birth to him, though she WAS a citizen, had not fulfilled required residence IN THE US for 5 years AFTER age 14, which she would have had to have done to pass citizenship on to him. That was the law when Mobassa boy was whelped.

The implications this has world wide is not inconsiderable. IF he is not capable of being president then anything he signs CAN'T be legally binding. He's carrying out a coup. He's an evil man who wants to put FOCA in place. He promised Planned Parenthood that he was going to lift ALL restrictions against abortion, that the prolife movement has labored more than 35 to get - what minimal efforts we've gain are all for naught over Mombassa boy's pen.

I don't care WHAT the corrupt Chicago political machine has vomited out - I will NEVER regard this guy as legitimate. Just be thankful I don't call him Mombassa bastard boy.

You don't like racism? I'm tired of liberals wiping their butt with the Constitution.

Put that in your bong and smoke it.

Adrienne said...

Thomas More - "unpleasant racist abuse?"

Why? Is Obambi ashamed of where he came from? The only people I see being racially abused on a regular basis in this country are whites simply by always being called racist. Follow that?

People like Obambi's former pastor can get up in his "church" and call white people all manner of ugly names and not one, NOT ONE, main stream press outlet calls it what it is.

White crime on black is a hate crime, black on white is just plain 'ol crime. This will not continue forever....

Mark said...

The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph went trendy a while ago. Serious political discussion ceased. Mark Steyn's column vanished overnight. Dominic Lawson (the atheist but staunchly pro-life editor) was relieved of his duties at the ST, and the emphasis shifted from proper conservative political and cultural analysis to shallow "lifestyle issues" - hence the adulation of the President-Elect, who is admired more for his celebrity status and his alleged charisma rather than for anything more substantial.

Would you swap Obama for Gordon Brown? It's a tough call, though Gordon's HFE legislation was pretty much as bad as FOCA (animal-human hybrids, etc), and he's even further down the socialist road that Obama, as far as I can tell.

gemoftheocean said...

Mark, yes, so sad about the decline of the reporting standards of the DT. I loved the Steyn column, and for the last 34 (until recently) it has always been my favort (to me) foreign newspaper. And back then we'd get a fresh batch every two week or so, all inky, and really thin airmail paper. It used to be TIME MAgazine up until the early 60s or so, wasn't a bad read. Even if you didn't agree with them, they had hard news analysis and had some pretence of literacy. Now they all seem to want to pander to the lowest common denominator. IF I wanted that I'd stick to people. The DT is getting to be like the SUN, but without the tits on page 3 as far as I can tell. The butt-kissing by the press that Nobama has gotten PRECISELY AND ONLOY because he is half-black is frightening. Truly frightening. A "celebrity" who hasn't done jack squat of anything, and fawning fools who should know better are kissing his feet and wiping his backside and covering up for him. Can you imagine any WHITE candidate who had a pastor like his who spewed racist things about "G--damn America" for years getting away with remaining in the church without being called on it? Yeah, Obama "didn't know." Sure. Terrorists for friends. A cousin in Kenya is bloodythristy (google Obama and Odinga) and Nobama doesn't disavow him? People need to stop drinking the Jonestown Koolaide and wake up before it's too late. Too many people just shut up because they don't want to be called "racist" and he's going to be getting away with murder.

And while we're at it, will the bishops GROW SOME spines and FORBID these "catholic" politicians from recieving Communion until they recant? The Kennedys, Schwartznegger, Patty Murray, Pelosi (speaker of the house), Biden and the whole rotten lot of it. This is the PERFECT time to do it if they were worried about this affecting elections. It's too far out to the next election cycle to matter to those outcomes now AND it's a scandal to the faith that more priests/bishops/EM don't tell these people to GET LOST.

I'd hate to start to consider if the TIMES (UK) might not be a better paper these days, though I fear they've gone from being snooty and conservative to snooty and unreliably liberal...but then isn't that what the Guardian is for? At least they are upfront about it.

DT obviously doesn't care about its long time readers of as of the last 2 years or so.

And no thanks to GB. A pox on both their houses.

Mark said...

The racial politics of the Left are scary.

After Obama's victory, Maya Angelou was interviewed on the BBC, and was asked whether Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice had paved the way for Obama.

She denied that they had, and more or less said that they were the wrong kind of black person.

I guess that being a pro-abortion socialist is now part of the definition of being black for people like Angelou - which presumably rules out people like Dr Alveda King.

It all seems to be yet another case of far-left types wanting to redefine the meanings of words in order to advance their own socialist agenda.

Mark said...

I think I've wronged Maya Angelou, and that it was actually Alice Walker.

The Digital Hairshirt said...

Karen -

Caught your shout-out, chica! I may buy a copy of WaPo on that day just to see how many Easter eggs lie within those classifieds.

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, digi...there's a thought. Just out of wild curiosity, I wonder how much an add costs? :-D Even a weensie one in the personal section. BTW, I did not have to scratch my head for more than 2 seconds to figure out the post. I'd remembered that vignent from "Poetry" magazine.

And Mark and Adrienne: You betcha the left only supports "the right kind" of black. Gotta be pro-abortion and of the left, ONLY to be a so-called "role model." I don't know where Condi stands re: domestic issues, but as a Secretary of STate she's been wonderful. She has far more experience than Nobama in that arean, and I dare say she'd be a lot more conservative domestically than not. I can't imagine her going for judges who voted on the Supreme court that you can just take property for private developers because some local corrupt politico wanted the land resoned for his frunds. That one STILL scares me - and why the hell don't the powers that be specifically amend the constitution so this NEVER happens again. And frankly, I was hoping the good people of New Hampshire would force Justice Souter out of his own house to be hung by what little petard he has. Worst decision Bush I made, but then there have been plenty of lying wanna be SCJs that promise "oh, yes, I'll be a constructionist" and then let the power trip go to their heads. That witch Bader Ginsberg will soon retire, but then Nobama will stick someone in there who will screw up the court for 20 years ... and I think another justice will go too. Stephens, I think.

Anonymous said...

You are aware that the Church has identified racism as a sin, aren't you? I am deeply disturbed that such an un-Christian blog as yours is labeled Catholic. (Perhaps this - What Would Jesus Say before you blog)
Publishing gossip and lies doesn't exactly reflect well on Christ's message.

gemoftheocean said...

Anon. you obama people are scary freaks.

gemoftheocean said...

Oh, and anon. I know where you can park your "racist" card. Everything with you people is race. Oh, no....can't dislike them because of their policy of wanting to kill, you're a racist if you don't snap to Mombasa boy. He can produce a birth certificate. Put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

I'm not black, I'm Irish. It is not clear to me how you can make judgments about "you people" Would that be anyone who disagrees with you? Calling people names doesn't qualify as discussion, nor does reiterating conspiracy theory ideas. Do you really believe that the Republican party and the Supreme Court would ignore a valid question of American citizenship in the next president?
I am committed to the Church and the message of Jesus. I see neither in you comments, and I find that sad.

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