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Friday, January 16, 2009

Terminate THIS

Who's whining about budget deficits? Remind me again who whored himself to the pro-abortion lobby to force Californians to pay for embryonic stem-cell research? Research, apart from all ethical considerations, which has shown to produce NO positive technologies and cures. Scratch a Schwartznegger, get a Kennedy.

And stop bending over to the unions too. Who else gets 14 paid holidays a year, and can take a sick day, and then come in on day six and get overtime? Unbelieveable.


Anonymous said...

There was a news story here last week where a hospital is making great strides helping patients with all kinds of nasty diseases. They are using stem cells.
The doc in charge of all this said he believed it was "contraversial" because they are NOT USING EMBRYOS!!!
I was astonished. This man is being seen as contracersial because his completely ethical method is WORKING and yet you can bet he would be showered with funding if only he would kill a few babies for no good reason.

gemoftheocean said...

I know, mum. Unbelieveable. Arnie is allegedly for all this embroynic stem cell research, because his mother in law. (Pat Kennedy Shriver) has alzheimers. AFAIK Pat Kennedy was one of the FEW Kennedys who was/is not proabort. One of my aunt's had it, and I believe a great grandmother. So it runs in the family. For my part, if I get it, I'd rather die of it, than be "cured" by anything embryonic stem cell researched produced (and so far it has produced ZILCH.)

To compound matters, he VETOED spending for adult stem research, authorized by the legislature. You know, the non-controversial kind which is yielding much results. It's all a sacrific on the altar to the abortionist's "sacrament." i.e. "abort as many as you can and make the taxpayer pay for it if at all possible."

gemoftheocean said...

Sorry, meant to say EUNICE Kennedy Shriver. (She was the one who in youth was closest to her retarded elder sister. The one Joe Kennedy had lobotomized.)

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