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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The J Boys Ride Again

...and I will be spending some quality time soon. Nobamasturbation is reaching fever pitch. I got an offer from Borders which included coupons for discounts on books about Nobama and Dolores "the plagerizer" Kerns Goodwin epic - something or other about Lincoln. It's "an inauguration party." Gee, I don't remember them doing this OTHER election cycles. They seem all heated up in a sexual frenzy pitch over "The first black president." Got news for them. Bill Clinton was the first black president. Yup. Everyone said so.

The "J" boys understand. I'm afraid to spend too much time with them however, lest I pass out cold and wake up and find a caliphate has been established. I'm not looking forward to this bend-over-for-the-Mombasa-boy coup that will be taking place next Tuesday.

"The J Boys?" Johnny Walker, Jim Beam, and Jack Daniels - for times a drink with an umbrella or an olive won't do.


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gemoftheocean said...

Best I could come up with. The sickening thing is IT'S TRUE. There used to be this thing called "journalism." Hasn't been around since the Vietnam war. That's when the rot set in. The "New Frontier" aged bunnies infected their offspring.

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