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Thursday, October 4, 2007

How do you Envision Heaven

Father Ray Blake of St. Mary Magdalene in Brighton asked us to share thoughts about what we think heaven will be like.

On the most serious level, I'd have to say that I try not to dwell on the physical aspects of heaven too much, because whatever I envision is likely to be wrong. If I am in heaven, then I'll have likely have been in purgatory. Having been there, my soul being purified, when I reach heaven I will have no enmity or pride and I will be able to do God's will 100% and as St. Therese said "love is all." [If I make it straight in the door with out any pits stops, I'll be amazed.]

I expect that God will want me to assist with the salvation of those on earth in being "a friend of the court" as the saints in heaven do today. Having yielded 100% to the will of God, I trust in God that I will be totally happy. After the final judgment of all (and before) I trust in God that I will have the eternal and uninterrupted feeling of peace that comes from being in a state of grace after having received Holy Communion and resting in front of the tabernacle. But this time without earthly cares or worries, or physical pain.

I pray God that my loved ones be also there. But I have utter faith that whatever heaven is like I trust it will be better than I ever could imagine.

I have often wondered why we would need a body after death, but as Jesus said there is a bodily resurrection, who am I to question? Perhaps it is that we are all masterworks, as "God doesn't make junk." And the Artist, having created does not destroy the work. The work may be transformed, but it is not destroyed. God loves physical matter, otherwise we'd have not been created. On a personal note, I hope there's no more cellulite. :-D On the "pet issue" I'd just like to ask God: "Is it okay if you bring them back just so we can see them and they can see us? You don't have to let them see the 'beatific vision' - but you made them too... just saying...." But I still trust Sister 1st grade on this one: "You will have ALL you need in heaven to make you happy."

I am glad God gave us all free will, but I have to say it bothers me that God made angels, and some of them, who were given all they needed, rejected God's eternal peace, love and happiness - and Hell was initially created for them. I guess God gave them a choice too. And it frightens me that creatures who were given all that on a platter threw it away. God came down to earth to die for me, and I don't want to throw eternal salvation and happiness away.

On another note, I have always accepted the Trinity, but I never knew why it was necessary for there to be God, the Holy Spirit. My priest had and gave the simplest and best answer: "God didn't decide to be - God just IS."


Anonymous said...

"Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, what God has prepared for those who love Him."

My idea of Heaven, will be in my most perfect and righteous body, one adventure after another--with all my friends and family--perfect bliss, perfect love, perfect union with my one true love--Jesus.

swissmiss said...

I'm sorry, but my puny brain cannot really fathom it in any tangible way. I understand the happiness part, but what this entails, I don't know. God created it and it is perfect, so I'm sure it will beat everything we can come up with!

gemoftheocean said...

Yes, I love all the metaphors in the Psalms and the Apocalypse and all the poetry and the images are soothing. [Wouldn't it be a hoot if St. Peter really was on a gate, and there were these viking guys with wings and harps and all that? ;-D I'll know it's a dream if God looks like George Burns, though.]

Anonymous said...

very insightful!

Anonymous said...

I'll just be happy to get there!

Stephen said...

My nephew, to my mother, a couple of days after my Dad died:

"Grandma! Grandma! Granddad can't have gone to Heaven! His car's still in the drive!"

(Nathan was three and a half at the time)

The Woman of the House said...

Hi Karen,

What great thoughts. I ought to spend more time thinking about these things... it would help me to be a little less cranky when things don't go my way.

By the way, how sweet of you to read through my blog about adopting Therese. That was kind of you and brave too!

God bless you, I'm off to ponder Heaven now.

gemoftheocean said...

Stephen, it seems like just yesterday your dad died. How long has it been now. I still think of how suddenly you all lost him. I hope your mum's doing well. [And your other loved ones, for that matter!]

And Adele: I felt privileged to read all about Therese coming into your home. (and the rest of your blog too)
There are many unsung saintly families living in this world. Yours is one of them.

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