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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Just got the thing (finally) and I'm setting it up now, so still going through the user manual. But my Skype ID name is: gemoftheocean99 [sheesh---there already WAS a GOTO! grrrr..... so remember to add the "99"]

And check out -- FREE skype #s.

[Someone remind me to kick myself up the backside for not setting this up a lot sooner. I could have saved a boat load of money over the last couple of years!]


Therese said...

I want to get skype too. We need a video camera and microphone first though.

gemoftheocean said...

Mum, sorry for the posting delay - -I messed something up!!!

You dont' even need a webcamera -- just a headset. I got mine for about 26 bucks plus tax. I guess that's around 13 pounds plus Lord alone knows what VAT they've stuck on top of that. It was a "mid range" one (came with software, but I'd download the software from skype) If you really want webcam (and I don'!) one can be had for similar price.

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