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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Earthquake

...always one thing or another. Was just about to post a Happy Easter blog post, then an earthquake happens. It was shaking a good 30 seconds before I thought to grab my camera and film. Big 7.2 down in Baja California. We knew it was big, *somewhere* - but just not here! [It would have felt totally different.] At first I just thought someone at the end of the banquet was being annoying and tapping their feet, and they were...and then I thought "yeah, but this thing I'm sitting on STILL shouldn't be moving this much." Then I looked up and the light fixtures were swaying and the walls and windows were definately rattling. But notice how calm everyone was, relatively speaking -- except one "drama queen" who reacted by getting up and walking slowly to be under a little more structural support. Chicken. At least no one did the tourist "dive under the table" thing.

Happy Easter to you all! AFtershocks and everything.


Anonymous said...

Scary! I would have dove under the table :) Happy and blessed Easter!

gemoftheocean said...

Weeeellll, not really scary. IT was one of those "rolling" ones rather than sharp bouncing around ones.

Anonymous said...

Everyone was so cool about it! I would have been screaming and lying under the table - and I'm not really the excitable type! I've never experienced an earthquake though - not really the thing here!

gemoftheocean said...

Elizabeth, it's the epitome of "Laid back." The funny thing was I was experiencing it for about a half minute before the thought crossed my mind "hey, I can put this up on youtube."

Have to say there were a few seconds there where we all looked at each other and MENTALLY said "is this bad enough to get under the table?" and then we all silently answered each other "NAHHHHH...." BTW if you ever find yourself IN one DO NOT go outside if you are inside, or inside if you are outside while the ground is still shaking like that. If you're going to get hit by something it's going to be by stuff falling off a building facade, brickwork (and you don't see hardly any of those two around here for that very reason) and you'd need to look out for powerlines down. So unless you are unfortunate to be standing right on top of a spot the earth opens up, you should be okay. An INSIDE doorway is structurally the safest place to stand. As far as the sensation goes. If you've ever been insdie an airplane where you hit a so-called "air pocket" and been tossed a bit -- that's the closest sensation I can describe.

Anonymous said...

How very authentic! Earthquake at Easter!
God bless and have a good Holy and chocolate filled celebration.

gemoftheocean said...

Mum, and here I thought "well, isn't that supposed be Good Friday when the veil was torn in two?"

Anonymous said...

Oh really? Is that what we did? "We all looked at eachother and 'M e n t a l l y' said "is this bad enough to get under the table" and then we 's i l e n t l y' 'answered' "NAHHHH" (is that not an oxymoron?). Oh and that "sensation" you felt is not what I felt or anyone else I spoke to who was there. What other expert knowledge do you possess?

Tara, you are right! It was very scary.

Elizabeth, thank you for your honesty.


The "drama queen chicken"

gemoftheocean said...

Hey, Liz, I didn't see YOU diving under the table, drama queen that you are! ;-D

You added the one funny note in there by "calmly" walking across the room to stand under all those coffee bags that coulda beaned ya!

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