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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Posada 2008, San Diego

Last night I attended a Posada. The word "posada" means "inn." It's been a long time since I've been. So I thought it would be fun to go when it had already rained heavily and was threatening more of the same. It held up. A Spanish song is sung in 9 verses about the search for lodging all along the way. About 2/3rds of the way along I heard an Irish lilt next to me: "Isn't it lovely?" I turned to see Fr. Mark about 3 feet away from me in the crowd. He'd still been saying Mass when we'd started off. Quite windy, but there was a crowd of about 300+ people who followed the course of Mary and Joseph, Dulcinea (the donkey!), as they sought shelter from mean old innkeepers and were turned away 8 times before reaching La Casa de Estudillo! Mary rode that donkey right across the threshold too. [Nicer digs they couldn't have had! A fine old ranchero and the setting for Helen Hunt Jackson's "Ramona's Wedding!"]

A lot of fun on such a cold night. The shops had stayed open late and a lot of community organizations had turned out. Afterwards there was some pinata breaking for the kids and caroling all over Old Town, including at our church.


madame evangelista said...

You've just solved a mystery, except I didn't realize it was a mystery until I saw your post. There's a pub in central Newcastle called 'The Crown Posada', so that's the odd second name explained.

madame evangelista said...

Actually no, it doesn't explain anything because now I don't know why it doesn't just use the word 'inn' instead of 'posada'. Sigh.

EC Gefroh said...

We used to have a Posado in town but they haven't done it in a while. Now I wished I had attended when we had the chance. BTW, there is a little something for you at my blog.

gemoftheocean said...

Well, ME, it sorta does still make sense! Usually it's "Las Posadas" the INNS. I bet your pub was once a pub/inn. Pub being short for "public house" and if I'm nto mistaken once upon a time wasn't it a given that a pub was also a stop over hostelry Perhaps not always, but in many if not most cases?

I bet your pub owners have some Spanish background!

Thanks Esther. I think I shall make a point of gooing to the Posada more often. It WAS very fun. And a really nice custom. It wasn't tainted much with frosty the snowman type things!

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