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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Vigil, St. John the Evangelist, San Diego

Last night I attended a 10p.m. Vigil Mass at a nearby parish, St. John the Evangelist in the University Heights Neighborhood of San Diego.

Fr. Dillard (who could give Fr. John Boyle a run for his money in a dunking contest) said the Mass. It was perfect in every respect. Besides the priest, they had 4 servers 2 male, 2 female, of older years. 4 EMs, and 2 lectors, a cantor, and a choir and every action and movement by*every single person* was carried out with grace and symetry and reverence, in their comings and going etc. There was a nice gospel procession, and Father used a little bit of Latin just before the Memorial acclaimation and before the final blessing. Father used EP IV and also did the gospel from the center of the nave. He also used incense every place you could use incense. If every Novus Ordo Mass was done like this, no one would complain. So if you're visiting San Diego, and want to be SURE to go to a Mass Almighty God does not show up at under duress, I'd highly recommend a visit here.

A blessed Christmas to you all. [ Keep your fingers crossed for me that the 5:15 Mass at my own parish is said by someone who knows how to do a valid AND licet Mass, and by one who doesn't add a lot of junk that doesn't belong.]


Fr Michael Brown said...

Glad it went well Karen but I`m afraid I`d still want the EF Mass! I thought EP IV would be out because it has to be used with its own preface, so the Christmas preface wouldn`t be available.

Hope you`ve had a good Christmas.

PJA said...

I've heard some Catholic priests change "become", as in, "... become for us the Bread of Life", to "... be to us...". Quite an important difference, I'd say.

Happy Christmas, again, Mme "Fortescue"

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Karen, your service sounds lovely, especially the incense--I love the way it smells. Our Mass was the Midnight--every year we say we should switch and go to the 10a.m. but since all our friends go to the midnight Mass--we like to see them--and it seems so festive with all the candles and christmas lights.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Hope that you had good Christmas Karen

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