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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brain Death & Lack of Professional Courtesy

...seem to go hand in hand.

Just this week....

1. email from me: ".... And what is your street address?"
email back: "We're in the building right next to Qualcomm."

There are FOUR buildings "right next to Qualcomm." Did he think I was asking for my health? IF it's in any way ambiguous, given the person walks upright (was that perhaps my mistake?) is it NOT obvious that you should just email the ****ing address to begin with?

2. [Different company]
Sunday night: "The meeting tommorow morning will be X location."

Monday morning: You drive TWENTY freakin' miles to find that NO, the Jackass in question changed the meeting site, to Mission Valley, not 2 miles from where you were before you went on the wild goose chase. Did it filter through this numb nut's pea brain that perhaps it would be a good idea to Email REALLY early or contact via phone, rather than have his receptionist tell you AT meeting place #1 that "oh, he called me to say it would be at X, and to tell's a map."
Well, thanks for the 40 extra miles, dude.

I don't even want to go into the details. But suffice to say I am royally pissed. This kind of thing happens more and more. And by people who are "The powers that be." Who in the HELL decided they were competent enough to do jack squat? The MOST OBVIOUS things aren't done.

I am sick and tired of dealing with imbeciles. Meanwhile, the UK's "Southern Water" thinks Fr. Blake owes them more money than a hotel (Philip's) pays for the water bill in a year. IF it doesn't get resolved he'll have to close the center for Christmas. And it's a place refugees of limited means use.

Too many boobs in charge these days.

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

Can you say "Peter Principle?"

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