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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How to metaphorically kick a co-worker's teeth in


a: "Oooo....a-HA...."
b: "What?"
a: "You know the kid Sarah Palin's been lugging around? Not her kid. Her daughter's. That's why she won't release her medical records."
b: "Ha-ha. Where'd you get that one from? The Kos Kiddies still peddling that? Sort of hard to be governor of Alaska and fake being pregnant for nine months. Wonder for what reason Nobama's refused to release his own medical records. Too much cocaine in his system.?"

"B" walks away. "A" looks like was kicked in the teeth. 30 seconds of time. Priceless.

Can't wait for tomorrow night. Let's hope it won't be Rodney King or Detroit '84 apres World Series.

I bet more than a few of the "to do" lists for this week include:

1. Remember to stop by the sporting goods store. Make sure enough "essentials" on hand.
2. Go Vote
3. Get extra flashlight batteries.
4. Get ground cloth out.
5. Be prepared to go to the mattresses.
6. Stock up on food and water.

and occasionally:

7. Which big screen TV do we want? Sony or Hitachi? Better get it now before we have to buy one across town because there won't be another store around here for years, and it will be hard to lug one home on the bus if the car's been overturned and burned.

# 7 may apply whichever candidate wins.

Get it while it's "hot" or before the Korean Store owner reloads.


The Digital Hairshirt said...

"Go to the mattresses!"

Classic Mafia argot!

gemoftheocean said...

"Ya gotta figure every 5 or 10 years this kind of thing's gonna happen, Mikey."

Adrienne said...

#7 - I think you are dead on - not to make a pun or anything...

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