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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Show of hands?

How many you received an absolutely USELESS guide for the Catholic voter as to how to have an informed conscience when casting a vote?

Apparently, according to the Catholic bishops of the US, we are supposed to not only feel sorry and welcoming to the persecuted alien (i.e. one who gets threatened with death, etc. for practicing the faith which is quite one thing] but for ALL "immigrants" which in Catholic bishop speak is code for "illegal aliens."

I.E. we're supposed to have compassion for Mrs. Murphy, US retired person by: Raising her taxes to educate the illegal alien children, have her own children have a depressed wage scale, because adjusted for inflation it's still pathetic at the lower end, because illegals can live 20 to a room and not care -- never mind a living wage for those who have to compete for jobs with illegal aliens. Mrs. Murphy and her family get jacked up of housing prices because there are MILLIONS of illegals putting a strain on the system. Gee, guess what? A scarcity and the price goes up. What a concept. Econ. 101. Let's turn a blind eye to seeing decent paying blue collar wage earners trades go in the dumper. So much for a "living wage" for actual citizens. I sometimes think bishops should be REQUIRED to be married and have kids to raise and pay for housing in the real market.

But this highly questionable pimping for the socialist "border free America" is a wishy washy weasel way for liberal democrat catholics to pretend that "compassion" for illegal aliens makes up for a pro-abortion stance.

I feel like taking this voting guide for the Catholic conscience, sending it to the bishop, and telling him what he can do with it. Why did these idiots bother?

Used to be there was a non-Catholic Christian outfit that DID do a good job on these issues and regularly distributed a USEFUL voter guide as to informing the public where the candidates stood on the issues and what the propositions were that concerned issues that were of particular concern to the religious voter.

They'd simply list candidates and ask them where they stood on social issues. THAT was useful. Abortion? 2nd Amendment? and issues like "gay marriage", "embryonic stem cell research" would have certainly been mentioned by referendum number, etc.
But nah, the lily-livers have axed it from being distributed in the church parking lots. "Too controversial" might have someone sue for appearance of "endorsement." So what do we get? Wishy washy, half baked crap. Some of it highly speculative and dream cloud cuckoo land "catholic teaching." Yeah. Some of it was good and true, but it was undercut by the crap.


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Hi Karen check out my latest post!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

USCCB has ZERO magisterial authority, and actually the full amnesty teaching contradicts the Catechism. :)

gemoftheocean said...

Hi Joe, thought one more had weighted in. The USCCB has a LOT to answer for.

I really DESPISE it when they tout half baked theory as gospel - how many people, for instance think you absolutely have to go along with no capital punishment, ever, for any reason just because that's the bishop's opinions, and not official teaching. I particularly hate it when they try and play economics professors when most of them would have a hard time passing Econ 1.

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