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Sunday, April 5, 2009

You know, no matter where you go to Mass you are never satisfied with the details...

.. I had a bit of a chuckle this a.m. I got to church an hour early to do adoration and take part in the Benediction given before Mass. Usually the powers that be are just taking out the pyx to put in the monstrance just about 8 on the dot. Well, today they were a little behind schedule, not much, maybe 5-7 minutes ... then the deacon rolled on out to do that. I was sitting in the front row, and an older lady behind me had just come in and knelt behind me and whispered in my ear "Aren't they a little late?" I said "just a few minutes." And she said "and why is HE doing it? He's not a priest." So I said "he was just ordained a deacon" and she said "But I thought you had to be a priest" and I said "no, deacons can do the full ceremony, and technically, if need be a layman can also lead a benediction, but can't do the blessing." She chewed on that a bit.

Then when the deacon had set up the monstrance and knelt, there was silence for a bit, and the lady whispered "Aren't we supposed to sing O Salutaris?" And I said "I expect he'll start it." About 10 seconds later, he started the verse. We all joined in and then the deacon got up from his kneeling position to go in the sacristy before the first verse was finished. The lady behind me was astonished. "WELL, I never ... he didn't even stay! WELCOME to the NEW CHURCH." Very miffled. [About 45 minutes passes, then the benediction proper is done, and very nicely too.] But I had to laugh a bit, if that's the worst abuse she has to put up with.

Oh, and there was a trifecta of sorts. This is the 3rd time someone asked if I wanted a veil. The first time it was by a very sweet old lady. The last two Sats. in a row two different guys came trotting all the way up front, veil in hand, to offer me one. The 1st guy made haste to leave me in peace at the first refusal. This last guy was clearly put out that I wasn't playing ball with St. Paul, who as far as I am concerned about the women covering their heads bit, can go fly a kite. I about told the last guy as much, if not in words by intonation. My refusal kind of had that "hell no" ring to it.

Misguided one: "Would you like a veil?"
Minding own business one: "No, thank you."
Misguided one: "Oh, do you already have one?"
Irritated one: "NO, and I don't WANT one."
Whimpering one: "But you're *supposed* to." (said as he retreated)

Dude, I don't "have to" do jack squat!!! St. Paul never intimidated me, and this guy striding up with a Peptobismal Pink(tm) mantillia isn't going to either! He can consider himself lucky I didn't tell him what he could do with himself and the pony he rode up on. Believe me, I was tempted. The worst of it is, he probably actually believes I "need to." Which is, if anything, what's "wrong" with some of the LM people. Been isolated too long. If this is to be participated in by the whole western church, then it's for ALL of us. Even the ones who would have told Paul to go chase himself. As to those who really think this way: If St. Paul came back today to tell two guys they needed to get circumcised so they could go preach to some Jews, don't tell me today's adult guys would hack off a bit of their wee-wee to comply. "Dude, can't you find some guys who were born Jews to do this? This whole town, and you can't find Jews who converted to Christ? Matter of fact, why don't YOU do it? April fool's day is OVER."

[Sorry for the funny angle on the video, but I was guesitmating by holding it in front of my sternum. Note the brand new altar rail and step facings and flooring. No, it's not an ideal angle, but it was a good angle for the Mass to follow.]


Anonymous said...


I thought St Paul and the veil thing was about how women dressed back then-and then about modesty more generally; not that women are only modest in a veil.
The Church says we don't have to wear one-good enough for most of us.
Those who want to fine.

(I sometimes sense a bit of holier than thou from the look-at-me-I-wear-a-veil crowd)

DG said...

Hi Karen, funny, my wife doesn't wear a covering at mass (we also go to St. Anne's although never been to a weekday mass or service), but she's never been approached. Maybe they only bother on weekdays because I'd guess 10-20% of the women at the 10am Sunday high mass don't cover.

Perhaps Fr. Carl, who I expect reads blogs like yours (local SD blogs discussing TLMs), may see this remark and decide to speak of it one day (both the deacon-benediction matter and the optional head covering issue).

It is really a shame there are still prideful people like this older lady and this gentleman who don't know how good they have it, indeed. We must pray for them.

gemoftheocean said...

Hi DG. I noticed that too. I wondered if anyone googled "ST. Anne's" and found this post. I'm sorta under the radar now. Haven't been to a Sunday Mass yet. I've been enjoying the weekday Masses. On Sunday's I'm at my own parish in Old Town. I really like how they are fixing St. Anne's up. I'd been last July when Fr. Finnegan had been there to say Mass before they turned it over. Fr. G. seems like a really good priest. Certianly haven't heard him adlibbing. On the veil thing I'm more amused than PO'd. In my own case I became highly allergic to mantillas, beanies and kleenex head coverings the FIRST go around. In other words I'm older than I look. [Or so I've been told!] I think the younger women don't have the "flashbacks" I do. Anyway, if you go on a weekday (I've been going Mon. Tue, Fri and Sat during lent.] I sit up front, far right so I can be pretty much "right on" in following where the priest is. In case Fr. G. reads this I really appreciate his big ole cross he makes over the gifts etc. I follow along in Latin the whole way, including the readings, sometimes I have hit it "bang on" when he comes in with the "Nobis quoque peccatoribus." It's happened twice. I can pretty much stay in a sentence or so, assuming his spoken pace is a tick slower than his silent pace.

gemoftheocean said...

Mum: I think if Paul had just said to the Corinthian ladies "Hey, your hairstyles are distracting -- wanna do something about that?" [I know from elsewhere and also taking theatre costume history that hairstyles were very elaborate in Greece in that timeframe.] I would have been okay with that. It's what he said afterwards. Good thing he was single - he seems to me to be the perfect candidate for a bobbitectomy.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

St. Paul can be quoted on just about any topic, lol.

Even though I'm on the Mantilla side, when someone says "no" ya'd think they'd get the hint.

That lady need not complain, if she wants something to complain about, have her come to my old parish, haha.

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