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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey, Karen can play "spot the error" in the EF form too.

I think. This morning there was a substitute priest for the pastor at the UA Mass. the Mass was done for St. Anselm, a doctor of the church. I noted the Credo was to be added, but the supply priest (of the Sainted Fr. S's vintage) added the Gloria, and didn't do the Creed.

UNLESS this was some tweak put in in the '62 Missal as opposed to prior ones. Which wouldn't have made sense. Given he was a doctor who defended the Creed against those heretics in the east, it makes more sense to say the Creed rather than a Gloria. Whatever.

Still -- I think something like this would a nice little extra to do with a weekday Mass in honor of St. Anselm (and other doctors of the church.) Something, I expect, that got lost - along with various Octaves, etc.

I'd asked the deacon after Mass about this, but he wasn't sure, and I was in a rush to get to work. So if anyone can say: "No, it was supposed to be the Gloria, and not the Creed as was done" let me know.

What are the best webpages that might point out the various changes in the Missal done since, say, 1900 or thereabouts?


Patricius said...

In my Liber Usualis (1956)the feast of St Anselm (p.1430) is given as a "double" and there is a clear statement "The Credo is said" however in my "Universal Daily Missal" (1966) St Anselm is given as "3rd Class" and no reference is made to the Creed.

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Karen gets a cookie! She stopped an authentic error.

gemoftheocean said...

Patricius, thanks. Do you have a 62 missal?

Fr. Erik. A big chocolate chip one would be most welcome. I pick raisins out of the raisin ones. Well, actually, I didn't exactly stop it, though I did say the word "Credo" semi-out-loud right as he launched in to the part where he shoulda[? if I'm right?] said it.

gemoftheocean said...

Interesting. Page 13 of Thisy-here-document says that the creed is no longer to be said when doing a Mass for the doctors of the church. It strikes me as an odd thing to change! If presumably, the reasoning FOR doing it was to underscore the contribution to upholding the faith that the doctors of the church maintained, what was the discussion like when "they" decided not to do so?

Cardinal Bigshot: "I have to do the creed every Sunday. It's long. Why should I have to do it for a weekday too? It's not like anyone's going to notice."

Cardinal Bigwig: "Tell me. Let's put in a "rider" after midnight, when they're revising the rules and no one will know it we were the ones who cancelled it. The US congress does stuff like that all the time."

Patricius said...

The more I look at these matters the more I begin to appreciate that there was an awful lot of liturgical reform going on quietly in the decade before Vatican II. I made my first Communion in 1962 and had a Sunday Missal which was already technically out of date.

gemoftheocean said...

Patricius, we're of almost the same vintage. I made my 1st Communion in 1964. LITERALLY within 2 weeks of my first communion they changed from Latin to English. Frankly, I like versus populo, I finally found out what was going on! I think if they had just left the initial translation as was AND gone to the newer Lectionary in the vernacular, they would have been fine. It's when the hippies got their fingers in it that the wheels came off the truck.

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