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Friday, April 10, 2009

Holy Thursday - Byzantine Style

...yup. This one "won out" last night. Would have had this up sooner but youtube took forever to process the file.

Here's the beginning of the gospel. We stood "aright and in awe" for the better part of 2 hours most of the time. The sermon was excellent. Fr. said that people who "want a personal relationship" with Jesus often miss out, because as desireable as that is, JUST that tends to be too individualistic - a person who doesn't want the rituals and the sacraments and formality. Father pointed out that by pondering the fact that Jesus gives of Himself most intimately in the Eucharist is the best way to develop an personal relationship with Him. We should be desireous of taking advantage of this gift as often as we can.


ukok said...

What a beautiful church you worshipped in :-)

gemoftheocean said...

Click the tag that says Holy angels and you can see a video I took of this church when I did my "Dormition" post last year.

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