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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

For Viterbo -- I did answer but Fr. Blake Disappeared it.....Re: Veils and Muzzies

Vit: The burqa crowd drives me nuts. I "go off" on them elsewhere! As for the veil thing -- It's a generational thing. I can't stand the thought of them for *me* because a) if you were required to stick a **** Kleenex on your head if you didn't have one when you went to catholic school mass, it made you feel like a perfect jack@$$ and you know **** well the boys wouldn't have been subjected to something that stupid and humiliating - but you had to just because you were a girl and b) Paul didn't have some lace frippery in mind, more like a burlap sack c) I can prove from the rubrics of the solemn high mass the clergy know it's tripe too. because 1) if you buy into Paul saying what he did about women covering their heads then you'd have to buy into what he said about men uncovering THEIR it wasn't manly for them to cover blah, blah. given that logic you have to look at the priests sitting their with their birettas on their head during the creed/gloria. You could argue, well, they're sitting there thinking about lunch, not praying wanting to be manly and buying into what Paul said. but then what happens? 3) the priest lifts the biretta at the mention of the Holy name, which means he **** well WAS listening and praying which would seem to indicate 4) Paul was full of it when speaking of this issue. and 5) they know it and 6) why gullible females buy into it is anyone's guess. And 7) I'm not having it.

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