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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Zero prefers dead babies live ones....because you see, "wanted" babies have a right to "life-liberty-and-the-pursuit of happiness" unless, of course, the mother wants to get rid of the baby..

Here's the opening paragraph from the Kenyan's praise of the 37th anniversary (Jan 22, 1973) of the most despicable decision the US Supreme court ever made:

"Today we recognize the 37th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, which affirms every woman's fundamental constitutional right to choose whether to have an abortion, as well as each American's right to privacy from government intrusion. I have, and continue to, support these constitutional rights."

But then what would one expect of people who think the court used as "argument" for upholding it.

Maybe some day Zero will be roasting wieners with "catholic" William Brennan.

This is also in keeping with Zero, the Illinois political hack, who was one of the few to vote to allow aborted babies who managed to stay alive to be left in a sheet to die in a closet. Move along, nothing to see here .... only millions of dead babies and a politician with his nose in the air.

It's lost on Zero that his patron saint, Margaret Sanger, wanted those of "inferior races" like him not to be born. Direct quote of hers: "Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated."

Text of Roe vs. Wade here.

Don't be afraid to vote YOUR morals at the ballot box -- the heathens will be voting theirs.


X said...

Profound quote, Gem (about Sanger and eugenics.)

J Curtis said...

Beautiful Gem. when are they going to realize that decent men and women everywhere will never, never accept the killing of innocents?

Don't be afraid to vote YOUR morals at the ballot box -- the heathens will be voting theirs

I'm telling you up front that I'm going to steal that expression :-)

gemoftheocean said...

I remember reading somewhere a while back, that the PP people were going ape becuase some of Sanger's bolder and balder stuff which had been printed in the 20s had gone off copywrite protection...and they were sweating bullets that that which they'd try and sweep under the rug by not reprinting the material would be more widely available tbdue to people who'd had copies from scarcity would be able to put them on line without having to worry about PP suing their butts off for breach of the copywrite laws.

Herr Hitler was also evidently "inspired" by "The California Project" wherein wherein Margaret's philosphy had been put into practise.

People need to also pay heed to the fact that Rahm Emmanuel's brother Eziekiel is very much in favor of allowing for the state to decide who gets what care. He'd totally buy into the "useless eaters" philosphy.

Zerop's grand parents should have been given the "red pill" instead of the blue pill.

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