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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Martha Coakley: Practising Catholics shouldn't work in Emergency Rooms

In case you missed it, she doesn't think practising Catholics should be working in emergency rooms. ?You see, they might not want to help someone kill a growning child.

Massachusetts democraps....a special breed. May their political days be numbered.

Watch for the Dems. to sleeze Obomination death care through any way they can. From denying to seat Scott Brown should he win, or even overturning long standing senate rules to resolve Obomination by "reconciliationb" with no additional vote required or even changing the filibuster rule which as been a long standing senate tradition.

They don't care if they lie, steal elections, or cheat to do it.

Massachusetts, send this woman packing. May she slide in to the Mary Jo sweat of Teddy's Oldsmobile.

[Note to my foreign readers, and also US citizens who have been living under a rock: Martha is running against republican challenger Scott Brown. Internal polling in both camps seems to indicate that Brown has a lead [maybe not enough of a lead to overcome union thug, Acorn, and "good ole boy "'rat tactics" but enough of them to put fear in to the demo machine. The election is this coming Tuesday, and if the dems in the state elect a republican there is NO WAY this will not send a frission through the jackass party. The last to admit it, of course, will be "Baghdad Zero" -- kind of like the Ceausescus never saw it coming either.]

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