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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Zenith of Tacky

How swellegant!!!

The Dalai Lama is escorted out a side door of the White House after meeting with Zero the other day.

Zero is trying to keep his hands around his ankles so as not to "offend" China, so he's treating the Dalai Lama worse than the Fuller Brush man.

What "ghetto czar" did Zero appoint allow house/grounds keeping standards to fall so low as to have stacked up trash bags by any White House entry or exit? I don't care if snow was up to people's backside in DC -- these people are paid to make sure EVERYTHING looks nice.

What did Zero serve him? Colt .45 out of the can and left over cold Chicken McNuggets on a bed of arugula with chopsticks?

Congrats, Zero. By comparison the Carter administration hit the Gold Standard.


Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

It may not be the Zenith, but you sure as Hell can see it from there.

gemoftheocean said...


They might as well just fire all the people over at the state department who are in charge of protocol.

It's been obvious from day 1, they aren't consulting them. Or perhaps I've got it backwards. Those people probably finally committed suicide when bozo kept bowing like some ill trained head-waiter to Muslim princes.

They probably have bets in the state department as to which particular type of gaffe he's going to make next.

That or someone over at State with a wicked sense of humor keeps telling him stupid stuff like "Hey, give the queen videos she can pick up at Walmart and of your speeches, she'll be thrilled."

Then they sit back and laugh their asses off at what a fool he's made of himself, AGAIN.

detz said...

I don't think a Buddhist would be offended by Garbage.

Even a good Catholic like Mother Teresa knew how to go with the flow amid the squalor and filth of India, while trying to serve up the insane Catholic message of no birth control.

Plus for protocol mishaps no one can top George Poppy Bush:
This is not as insulting as when George Bush "Poppy" threw up on Jap prime minister.

George Bush threw up into the lap of Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa in the middle of a state dinner in Japan in 1992, then slid off his chair. To this day, the word "Bushusuru" (to "do the Bush thing") is slang for vomiting in Japanese.


gemoftheocean said...

Uh, detz, are you just a jerk or what? When Bush 41 threw up on the Japanese PM, can you comprehend the fact that it wasn't on purpose? Now get lost.

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