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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Anniversary

My parents, Edward H. and Catherine S. Horn were married on April 1, 1955. Both are now deceased. This was one of their formal wedding pictures. Neither had much money, but mom's bridal dress looked like a million bucks. Years later when I was looking at it, I noticed she had made the pattern and had hand sewn every stitch herself! She'd worked in a garment factory from the time she was 16 or so until she married my dad. The "sewing" gene was one I missed completely.


EC Gefroh said...

How beautiful! What a lovely keepsake. BTW, did they plan on getting married on April's Fools Day? Did you inherit that wacky sense of humor from them :-)
Seriously, I will remember both your dear parents today on their anniversary.

Kit said...

What a great photo, Karen! Love the dress, and I also lack the skills most abysmally.

I hope this day finds you having many happy and fond memories of your parents...and if you're feeling lonely for them, too, well, just know I'm sending you a hug and/or hand-squeeze (your pick). I know you've had a rough few weeks. Hang in there, my dear.


X said...

I love the short dress! And modest too!
Praying for the repose of their souls.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

Beautiful picture.
A much more beautiful dress than some of those incredibly expensive things seen in shop windows today.

I borrowed my dress from a friend.I can't sew either.

I've tagged you for a meme btw.
God bless

Rebecca Frech said...

Lovely picture!

I've tagged you for a meme.

Cathy said...

Gorgeous dress, gorgeous couple!

A hearty thank you to parents like yours who show their children what a Christian marriage looks like.

May they both rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

The folks look great in their wedding picture. I also love the photo of you with Grammy. At least Dad is with his little sister again, as well as Aunt Helen and Uncle John. And I bet Grammy is making pierogies for all!

God bless

gemoftheocean said...

Ben! What's up! Drop me a line.

The Woman of the House said...

What a beautiful couple Karen. Your mom was immensely talented! I'm sure you are too, maybe in different ways.

God bless you,

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