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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Notre Shame has Alan Keyes arrested again.

This time, they are denying bail. Also among those arrest was a 78 year old priest, whom police saw fit to lay on the ground.

Regards this debacle, I saw the quote of the day:

"The Board of Notre Dame is packed with Obama’s Chicago cronies. It really is disgusting. It’s like having the College of Cardinals filled with Muslims." [see this thread.]

Video and photos are here.

I pray that families of graduates and graduates who are ashamed of ND will simply not attend the Sunday commencement exercises, or if they do, when Zero speaks, stand up, turn around, and pray the rosary.

I pray that Jenkin's faculties will be pulled.

Update: [This video was on his hermeneuticalness's blog - and well worth a look.]


Anonymous said...

Notre Shame--for the rest of my life that is how I will think of them. Praying with you.

Rob said...

Now I will have to cheer for BYU as a Utahn instead of Notre Dame as a Catholic

gemoftheocean said...

I hope SMU beats the snot out of them!

Dino said...

Seeing this priest arrested should remind us that another Man of Peace was arrested and sorely mistreated.
ND should be ashamed of the treatment of this Alter Christus on that campus.

gemoftheocean said...

Dino, I agree. With what you and RJW and tara said. And others to think that a "Catholic" university, would invite the most proabortion president ever (and unabashedly so) to both speak AND give an honorary degree to is shocking...and that they are so brain dead that they don't realize how horrible it is to have an alter Christus arrested while standing up for what the Church believes in is truly about one of the most egregious examples of hubris I could ever imagine. I am not so much blaming Zero for this fiasco. He is what he is, and you shouldn't be surprised when a devil acts like a devil. But when supposed men of God give him a platform it IS a scandal to the faith. Whomever has the power to yank Jenkins faculties should. This kind of ergregious arrogance has gone on too long.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I'm just going to refer to it as that non-Catholic university in Indiana NCUI

gemoftheocean said...

Joe, how about "South Bend College?"

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