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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Idiot Jenkins can "Dialogue" with Zero, but can't handle "Dialogue" with Alan Keyes

What is Jenkins afraid of? Too gutless to come out and "dialogue" with abortion protestors, he hides behind his crack security team. God only knows what he would do if confronted with a really angry mob with pitchforks and lit torches.

(See video of Alan Keyes and other peaceful protestors arrested on campus of Notre Shame)

I guess he must keep Notre Shame pro-liferein. Yes, technically "they" [a private campus] have the right to throw anyone out that doesn't "belong" to the university. But suppose some graduating would take their place at commencement exercises and express similar thought. They "belong" to the university community. They have invitations. They are graduating. Would Jenkins be power drunk enough to have them arrested?

Just suppose how Jenkins would throw a hysterical hissy fit, if mid Barrack speech a number of them would stand up and turn their back on him. For extra credit, they could be wearing t-shirts which say "Abortion is murder" on the back of them.

I hope the bishop "dialogues" with Jenkins if Zero speaks. Dialogue like "pack your gear and get the hell out of my diocese your faculties for preaching and saying Mass are history here."

What a pack of gutless wonders Notre Shame has become.


Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. It is okay to rip a baby limb from limb and dump him in a bucket.
It is okay to get a president who agrees with killing unborn children, and even letting newly born children die (if mum wanted an abortion) to receive an honory degree from a "Catholic" Uni-but Pro-life people walking along and praying the rosary on a "Catholic" Uni campus get arrested!!!!!!
WHAT THE ....!!!!%&

gemoftheocean said...

That's about the size of it. I'd have been EMBARRASSED to arrest them. "Look, Jenkins, YOU make an ass of yourself and arrest them."

What a "statement."

Pack of sellouts to the DNC. That is what the liberal wing of the catholic church has become. Judas.

They get their 30 pieces of silver kowtowing to the demowhores in congress passing out the money to universities. With these people "he who has the gold, makes the rules." Don't take their gold in the first place.

J.Samuel Ross. said...

And just in case you're enot sure that Fr.Jenkin's has lost his natural-born mind, he even has the balls to make excuses for Obama supporting abortion. I got this quote from MSN:
"He respects people who differ, but he's resolute in his decision because he did it based on conscience and what he really believes in."
Right then.

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