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Friday, May 15, 2009

Conrad Birdie's First hit

If you know the answer, shout it out. [I'd known but forgotten, and now know again. Besides Stephen F., I'm trying to flush out the other musical theatre fans.] Let me know if you need a hint. (And Stephen, I'd have been caught flat footed if you'd asked me 2 weeks ago.]


Stephen said...

I'm caught flat-footed *now*. "Bye Bye, Birdie" is not a show I know particularly well - I've only ever seen the film (the original film, not the TV movie), and I don't own a copy of the cast recording.

gemoftheocean said...

:-D I'll give the answer tomorrow.

But early on in the show Rosie uses the title of the song Albert wrote for Conrad. :-D I laughed when I really listened to that particular song of Rosie's because it's not usually one I particularly listened to on the CD.

gemoftheocean said...

:-D His first hit was "Ugga Bugga Boo."

In An English Teacher Rosie sings:

"And it was goodbye, Geoffrey Chaucer Hello, William Morris.

Goodbye, NYU.Hello, Almay Lou,
Cause when you wrote Conrad's first hit Ugga Bugga Boo
Then I knew, you were through, with English forever."

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