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Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Songs

I thought I'd put together some songs for Valentine's Day. Some a little more obscure than others.

Be Careful, it's my Heart

This one from Holiday Inn was expected to be the top song from that classic movie. It wasn't, but White Christmas was. I still think this was one of Astaire's best numbers. It's 5 min. 17 secs. - if you have dial-up you may want to use

2. Ask Me Again ♫ - this Gershwin song was "lost" but found.

3. Thou Swell ♫ - sung by Natalie Cole - originally from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

4. Love I Hear ♫ - from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

5. Do you love Me? ♫ - from Fiddler on the Roof - you'd think a guy would know after 25 years.

6. Time Heals Everything ♫ - Bernadette Peters sings this one from Mack and Mabel.

7. Inka-Dinka-Doo ♫ - Jimmy Durante, what's not to like. My grand mother loved it, it should be good enough for you!

8. Something Sort of Grandish ♫ - David Wayne, from Finian's Rainbow

9. That's Amore ♫ - A pizza pie hits you right in the eye.

And for the 10th: The Trolley Song

From Meet Me In St. Louis


The Digital Hairshirt said...


I had the music of "Guys and Dolls" running through my head yesterday. One of my paralegals who is under the age of 25 thought I was hysterical doing my best Miss Kitty and singing "If she's getting a kind of a name for herself, and the name ain't . . . HIS!"

Stephen said...

I had an anti-valentine playlist on my iPod yesterday - being single, I have a sort of Bah, Humbug attitude to Valentine's Day. And I stopped listening, anyway (I was in London for a couple of days, and came home last night on the train), because I was distracted by an amusing (and definitely unromantic) drama unfolding across the aisle from me on the train - a man who hadn't bothered to purchase a ticket before boarding the train at Euston being charged the full standard one-way fare to Manchester by the guard. Which, by the way, is £115, which is a little under double the walk-up return fare on off-peak trains (which is £62.30). So I never got through my anti-Valentine Bitter and Twisted playlist.

gemoftheocean said...

Stephen! that situation sounds like a "film at 11" after it's been "breaking news" if it happens with the "wrong party."

I would hope that at that hour of the day British Rail does themselves a favor by hiring big sum'bitch rugby players who need a little extra cash. Off duty bar bouncers probably like to keep in shape too.

I used to really enjoy Valentine's when I was little now it's like "okay, where's mine?!" Stevie, just because it's you, I'll let you use my favorite pickup line:

"I bet you a quarter I can kiss you without touching you." The person takes the bet, you lay a kiss on them and say "I lose more quarters that way." A cheap thrill but you gotta take 'em where you can get 'em. You owe me, buddy.


Stephen said...

It was a bit "film at 11", yes - though I didn't have a lot of sympathy with the guy who hadn't got a ticket - it's been Virgin Trains' policy for several years now that they only sell full fare tickets on board trains (unless you board at an unstaffed station), they're not the only train operator with that particular rule in their conditions of carriage, there are posters all over Euston station (their London terminal) telling you that off-peak and discounted tickets have to be bought before you board, and there were both staffed windows and ticket machines available on the station. And, worst case, you miss a train lining up to buy your ticket, it's only a half-hour wait until the next one (I let one go myself and waited half an hour for the next one because the line of people waiting for the one I was originally intending to take was so long that I knew I'd end up with a crappy seat, since I didn't have a reservation). The guy didn't take it well, refused to pay, didn't get violent and did give his details - address etc, showing driving licence as ID - to the train manager; I'm not sure whether he realised that disputing it will probably result in his being issued a court summons. He was pleading ignorance of this particular rule - but, really, if you take long-distance trains in this country with any frequency you'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to know about it. They even made two announcements on the train - 10 then 5 minutes before departure - telling people to go back to the ticket machines if they hadn't already bought tickets because the full-fare tickets were all that could be sold on the train. This guy was in his seat for both of those announcements, and didn't have headphones on.

It was quite amusing.

gemoftheocean said...

He was even too stupid to pretend to babble in some foreign tongue! BTW, for all you whine about the train service over there I find it really good! Outside of the train at Disneyland...I've taken the train precisely twice in the US. Once a short trip from Baltimore to Philly, because I saved about a zillion dollars flying into baltimore and taking the train up to philly. and another time from Philly to NYC and back because I was in philly and wanted to get up toe NYC to see KZiemba in Chicago.
But those were the only two times I traveled by Amtrak. I've never taken the train on the west coast. I think it runs about twice a day and takes forever to get there and when you get there there's damn all to connect you. Outside of the NE corridor in the US train travel doesn't make much sense in most places. It USED to, but not since at least the 40s. I think the UK is ideally suited for train travel.
The train is such a novelty for me. I like it overall, but key is having the transportation when you get off the thing.


Stephen said...

It seems I've travelled by train in the US far more than you have! I've been coast to coast on the train four times, with a few other journeys here and there (Toronto-Chicago, Toronto-New York, San Diego-Los Angeles) - and yes, by and large, train service in the UK is far better, and almost invariably faster. It's expensive, though, and the service isn't as good as it should be - generally, it's fine when things work as they should, and a complete nightmare when they don't.

On the side of the angels said...

Karen Darling ,
any chance of more Cole Porter ?

p.s. Thou Swell is from 'A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court' - It's Rogers and Hart [ Remember June Allyson thumping it out in the Biopic ?]

As for your trains?
Never again - it's quicker to get out and walk - I could make it from chicago to New york in less time on a bicycle !!!

gemoftheocean said...

Hi Paul!!! Cole Porter? You betcha. I'm sure I can find some for you!

Cole da man!

And you are right about the trains! Quicker to walk!

And of course you are right about Thou Swell....

Anyway, here's a tribute for you enjoy.


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