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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nice going, God, the weather was freaking PERFECT today!

Last week it was rainy and dismal most of the week. Yesterday was looking good, but today, TODAY, the Almighty outdid Himself. It would have been a perfect SUMMER day in many places -- including here. Upper 70s low humidity - it's seldom humid except for a couple of weeks in summer, a little chilly at night still ... but the grass has been growing even where grass doesn't normally grow. (Feb. is the BEST month for things to be green out here) and it smelled of SPRING, SPRING, SPRING! ♫ I know spring doesn't come allegedly until March 21, but that's all wrong. I count it as spring on March 1.

The birdies have been singing all afternoon, and have been busy making other birdies. I don't usually brag about San Diego weather, but this time I will. So sorry for all you folks still shoveling the muck out of your driveways that the snow ploughs deposited.

And this year, by Act of Congress the clocks in the U.S. "spring forward" on March 9th. I will be dancing in the streets. Thank you Ben Franklin (you genius!) and Congress. God knows it's one of the few things you ba$tard$ have done for me personally.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...lovely! The snow is melting the sun is starting to shine--Spring is on it's way. Please send the tulips God--I need them!

gemoftheocean said...

The snow gets really interesting at this point doesn't it? IIRC the snow starts to melt during the day...and then it gets hard enough to freeze over at night and you wake up to hard sheets of snow covered everything... and it's tricky because if you don't know exactly how far down you take a step or two and your foot could drop down a good foot or two if not more!


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