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Friday, February 1, 2008

Mahoney - Green With Envy

He really would have preferred this for the new downtown Hell-A Cathedral. The North Koreans outbid him. Kim Jong Mentally Ill wanted it for his pleasure palace.


ArchAngel's Advocate said...

Mahony couldn't afford the real estate. If that picture is to scale I estimate that it is at least 5 city blocks per side (if not more).

swissmiss said...

One of the funny things I remember about PJ O'Rourke is his Korean chapter in Holidays in Hell. Everyone running for election was named Kim. Even David Letterman makes fun of "Kim Jung Il and his brother, Mentally Il."

"And the election wasn't about political-party allegiance, either. The distinctively names parties -- Peace and Democracy, Democratic Justice, Reunification Democratic and New Democratic Republican -- all fielded candidates. If I were a hard-working journalist with a keen eye for detail, I'd sift through my notes now and tell you what Kim belonged to which. But that would be a waste of everybody's time. A Korean political party exists solely to boost the fortunes of its founding candidate and has the average life span of a trout-stream mayfly hatch."

gemoftheocean said...

AA: Mahony couldnt afford a puptent right now.

Swissmiss: I LOVE PJ. IT's been a while since I read that particular one, but he's one of the people that can literally make me laugh out loud.

did you ever read his bit about being in love with a hippy-commie-chick and
starting the magazine "Harry" and how his GF became so unhinged etc. he started to realize that communism was for nuts.

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