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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's California Primary Day

Just STAB ME IN THE EYES AND GET IT OVER WITH. Based on the fact that McCain is a flat out liar and he was caught up in the Keating Five Scandal (and that's ALL we'll hear about if he wraps up enough delegate votes) I will hold my nose and vote for Mitt Romney and pray for a Coup D'Etat next January. I'm also mad at that ba$tard McCain for screwing things up with his campaign finance reform BS which forced the smaller less well known candidates to spend all their money up front, and did not let the nature forces of shake out "shake out" over time. I. Will. Not. Reward. Him. In. The. Primary. For. That.

McPain Campaign Song ♫

General election? Don't know - if McCain gets the nomination, and Hiterly does in her party, I might be forced to vote for McCain to kept the witch-with-a-capital-B and her band of scum from getting near the White House.

For the last 33 years I've voted in very single election (save two*)- primary, local dog catcher, on years, off years. AND NEVER have I gone to the polls with such disgust and outright contempt. The media has "anointed" McCain, and he's one of the least conservative senators - I'll have to vote Romney to drive them crazy.

Wherefore art thou, Ronaldus Magnus?

(*the two elections were once at age 20 over the summer there was a special election for "Blacks Beach Swim Suit Optional" and a few other things, registered San Diego, living in Sacto for summer - and once about 10 years ago in a "dogcatcher" type election where they decided to do "Mail only" I refused to do that on the general principle that people should have the right to hike themselves down to a polling place.)


ArchAngel's Advocate said...

In my 1st election in 17 (oops 19)76 I voted for Gerald Ford as I felt he hadn't gotten the chance to govern due to that SOB Nix-on. Ever since I've had to vote for the lesser of 2 evils (I haven't missed an election either, even the dog-catcher ones)> I've even voted against Pelosi, Boxer & Feinstein at the local level (when I lived in San Francisco). I'm tempted to put an inverted US flag (the universal distress signal) on my blog, because this ship-of-state is in trouble!

gemoftheocean said...

Ah, then I must have a year on you. I just got back from the polls. My first election was fall of 74. My greatest pleasure was voting for RR in both the primaries and general. And I also voted RR in the 76 primary but voted for Jerry in the 76 general. My friend mailed in for McCain the other week, because he thought he has a better chance of beating hitlery, should it come to that. I can't stand Obama, but I'm delighted the research polling had him up 13% over the hildabeast.

Hucksterbee really is being taken for a ride, it's all about McCain using hucksterbee to wipe out Romney. (NOT that I'm a romney fan, I just don't want McCain rewarded for screwing up this whole process in the first place) -- Did you hear what happened in W.Va. today? They have a convention system. System, 1st ballot, Romney out pointed both Hucksterbee and McCain came in third, with not enough to wrap it up on the first ballot. @nd cycle, McPain calls all his delgates and has them vote for Hucksterbee, because he knows he'd be able to beat that creep before they get to the convetion. Hucksterbee thinks maybe by doing McPain favors he'll get rewarded with a slot for veep...but believe me, if McPain wraps it up, it will be Hucksterbee who?

Best I can hope for is Romney winning the general election and then appointing Duncan Hunter (who had positions EXACTLY the way I wanted them on every single issue, the only real conservative in the race who knew all the ins and outs on defense and domestic security taxes and prolife) to Sec. Def. and then ALL the people in the line of succession from Romney through then next person above Duncan to drop stone cold dead. That's how angry I am right now. That or a coup d'etat, as long as its not hitlery.

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