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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How about You?

This week I'm in need of extra smiles -- this one always puts a smile on my face.

They don't make them like they used to. Mickey and Judy from Babes in Arms. Enjoy. 5:50 length - dialup use


Ebeth said...

Hey Karen, Here's a smile for ya! I tagged you for a meme.


Stephen said...

Thanks - in need of extra smiles myself this week (on the bright side, should I be arrested for, oh, say, setting fire to my brother, there's not a jury in the land would convict me).

gemoftheocean said...

I hear you Stephen! honestly, I don't know besides me how many Catholics you know, but in the last 45 days I could have seriously "iced" a few people. It is by grace of God alone that I haven't -

I told my favorite Fr. S. the other night "Well, it had crossed my mind, but I figured if I did "X" then:

1. They'd interview you: "What was she like?? Why did she do it"
and I told him I didn't want to put him through that.

2. I was afraid if I committed a mortal sin ]one of those deadly ones that land you in hell if you don't repent] that I was AFRAID I wouldn't repent ... and it wasn't worth going to hell over, especially if I was going to be stuborn about it.

You have to be Catholic to "get" that one, almost. HAMLET certainly understood it in that business where he was watching the king pray and decided he couldn't kill him, because suppose the king was in a state of grace and repentant, then the evil king WOULD end up in heaven, while he, Hamlet, wouldn't feel sorry for doing it and would end up in because he wanted the king in hell, he didn't want to chance him going to heaven.... IRONICally the king was thinking up MORE evil right at that time.

I think I did a blog on that subject a ahile back.

And Ebeth, I can use a meme in the next day or two I am dead tired right now. God, just get me through this week.


swissmiss said...

Sending you some smiles, albeit kind of frozen ones, from MN.

BTW: I've never seen Babes in Arms. My movie watching is stunted.

Hang in there, the weekend is almost here!

Kit said...

Heck, I crack up every time pop over to visit and see your Maidenform gladiatrix!

gemoftheocean said...

Kit, I'm glad that cracks you up! I'm of an age where (albeit I was young) I can remember those maidenform ad campaigns. I almost hesitated to use it on a blog that would get a lot of religious readers, it could hit some people the wrong way, maybe *too* flippant.

But then I decided that my blog would be not only about my faith, but also a slice of my life. I've always admired diarists and had a little success with it as a kid and teen though never for long my problem is I used to love reading and getting letters but writing in longhand was a pain. But with the internet and word processing, bingo, I'm a pretty fast typist.

So it's part my reflections on faith (and I tend to do the lighter type post just because so many people do the deep theology stuff so much better than I could) I'm VERY orthodox on all the points of the faith. I'm sort of a "Cordelia" [a la Brideshead revisted, though not so much of a sobersides as a grown up.]

I'm was an "only" child and only children tend to be rather like first borns, although with an "uber" streak to it. If you can convince me, something's a "good rule" I will back it to the hilt. HOWEVER, if I sense any sort of "well, because I said so" type reasoning ... my thoughts run "So who died and made you the Maharincess of Franistan?"*

I think the maidenform lady reflects that part of me. I guess it's just as we;; I have a bit of free spirit, because otherwise I'd probably be insufferable! ;-D

*see the I LOVE LUCY episode where the manager was going to fire Ricky and Lucy, Fred and Ethel dressed up and came in as rich and famous people wanting to see Ricky and leaving in a huff when told he wasn't working there.. The "Maharincess of Franistan" was one of them.

Stephen said...

Further smiles - Patricia Routledge at her funniest:

Kit said...

Karen - as I have often told my non-practicing friends and family, just because you are religious (or conservative) does NOT mean it must follow that you are a prig. I am highly suspicious of those (bloggers and otherwise) who would have you believe they are leading wholly pure and virtuous lives with their perfectly turned out, organically fed, perfect-pitched VonTrapp-like children who never fight or dirty their frocks. Same thing goes for the somber Eeyore types who want you down with them in their vale of tears, red-eyes always rolled up heavenward. Live your life as close to those ideals as you can, sure, but I vastly prefer the company of those HUMANS who truly try hard, mean well, do not set out to hurt others, but also cuss more than occasionally, screw up, ADMIT it, make it up, and who always have choose to laugh more than they choose to cry about the absurdities and unfairnesses of life.

You strike me as one of latter - make no apologies. You are of my tribe. ;-)

gemoftheocean said...

Kit, thanks for the vote of confidence! BTW, "cussing" is basic Catholic High School girl training. It came with my gym locker. :-D
I will usually admit it when I've done someone wrong, and I tend not to hold a grudge. It takes a lot to get someone on my "Permanent **** List."

Temporary, yeah, but I easily forget. My dad (rest his soul) and I always had that quick temper that was so mercurical it was there and gone in a flash. In other words someone could cut us off in traffic, and we could bitch up a storm immediately then two seconds later it was like "it never happened." Mom had that to a degree. More *serious* things dad and I held in check for a long time and then "explode" and it was "over" and forgiven. 10 minutes later "what do you mean we yelled at each other for things we had held back from ten years ago." And we'd both back off and be contrite.

Pull the same thing on mom and she was torqued for several days. "well, you must have really meant that....blah, blah."

For all my mother and I were more alike than my dad and me....there were definitely a few things I inherited "dad genes" on. Temperment was one. Quick to blow, quick to forgive. Mom, slow to blow, slower to forgive. [Although she was better at coming right out and saying "honey, I blew it" than my dad was.)

Thankfully, all three of us had a pretty good sense of humor which tends to break the tension. Many a time in my youth where I saw them in a donnybrook and one or the other said something so funny they'd HAVE to crack up. and you can't stay mad when you're laughing.

swissmiss said...

I popped over to see if you had any predictions for the Oscars tonight. Of course, I haven't seen any of the movies nominated, but thought I could count on you for some insight! Hope your week went better and you are sitting down tonight with a rum or whisky drink and watching the Oscars.

gemoftheocean said...

There are Oscars on tonight? WT.,.

It's been one of those weeks. I can't think of the last movie I went to see. Oh, wait. I think it was Harry 5 that's how long it's been.

Generally, I don't get too excited over movie stars of today, with some exceptions. Stage is where it's at, baby.


swissmiss said...

Personally, I won't be watching the Oscars but will be watching the last installment of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice on PBS. I might not watch many movies of today, but I do like the Jane Austen series they have been running on PBS of all her books. Only one hour until show time and Mr. Darcy and Lizzie come around. All's well that ends well...

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