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Monday, February 18, 2008

They Wuz Robbed - Washington and Lincoln

When I was a girl, Lincoln and Washington had separate Holidays which were marked on their Birthdays in February. Lincoln's birthday was Feb. 12, and Washington's Feb. 22. Now allegedly we "celebrate" so-called "President's Day" which according to some pinheads "in-charge-of--holidays" ALL presidents. I will personally rot and bun in hell before I "honor" Clinnochio and his blue stained dress legacy. The wikipedia article acknowledges that though the 3rd Monday in February is supposed to honor Washington, that this has morphed into a day honoring all presidents. "Nonetheless, while Washington's Birthday was originally established to honor George Washington, the term Presidents Day was informally coined in a deliberate attempt to use the holiday to honor multiple presidents, and is virtually always used that way today."

I want it back the OLD way, with these deserving two each having their own holidays. Martin Luther King, God rest his soul did much to advance the cause of civil rights in this country. HOWEVER, he does not deserve a day all to himself, while the two greatest presidents who ever lived have to "share" a day with the likes of Clinocchio.

I don't know who these dweebs are (okay, it was the morons in congress) BUT I WANT MY DAYS BACK.

One of my favorite books about Washington is Washington's Crossing, and about Lincoln there are too many books to mention. If it wasn't for those two guys we wouldn't even HAVE a country, PERIOD.


Anonymous said...

Hey, we need all the holidays we can get--yes the good Presidents should all have their own special day. We'll throw out all the bad presidents--Carter, Nixon and the like--but more days off from work for us--they all deserve their own day.

swissmiss said...

I don't know anyone but government workers who get this day off. My husband does get Good Friday off, which just amazes me. My dad's birthday was Memorial Day (May 30) until they changed it to the last Monday of May. I remember my mom griping about the change in Presidents' Day since her birthday was close to the date, being on February 20.

EC Gefroh said...

I agree with you Karen. These two presidents should have their own day. Ah, the good ol' days.

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