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Monday, February 18, 2008

Fr. Sean from Valle Adurni

Is back and posting again! I caught a comment of his over at south-ashford-
priest, so for the heck of it I checked to see if his blog is up again. And IT IS!!!..

Fr. Sean was taking hiatus from blogdom and is apparently back in business again. He teaches in the seminary at Wonersh in England along with Fr. John Boyle and Fr. Tim Finegan. Go over and say "hi!" and wish him encouragement.

It was through reading Fr. Sean's blog that I moved over from blogging a bit on the Daily Telegraph to blogspot. Fr. Sean had put up some really neat videos re: the papal Coronation of John XXIII which had initially attracted my attention. Good to have him back.

(If you have dial up and/or want to know the run order sequence email me at my address on my profile and I can give you a list in the right running order that you can download via


Pastor in Monte said...

Thanks, Gem! I'm rather touched by the number of people who have welcomed me back to the blogosphere.

gemoftheocean said...

Well, it's very good to have you officially "back."


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