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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meme For Lent

Esther at Hawai'i Catholic Mom tagged me on this one:

1. What’s been your best Lenten-effort-idea ever?

Making a point of it to be nice to someone I didn't particularly like every day.

2. And your worst?

One Lent for whatever reason, about half the Fridays I had totally blown it and forgotten IT'S FRIDAY, NO MEAT. The Church should have never changed that rule, although I have to say I was angered in my late teens to find out that didn't apply to the church universal, i.e. a bunch of rich Mexicans could chow down on steak but some dirt-poor hillbilly in Appalachia was going to hell for eating a hot dog. Okay, I know this last was a bit of an exaggeration, but still the injustice rankles.

3. What Lenten advice would you share?

Just try to make it through the best you can and don't quit if you blow it here and there.

4. And what will feature this year?

For reasons I won't go into here, involuntary suffering whether I want to or not. I will try and thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed on me.

I tag anyone who'd like to do the meme.

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