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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Word Meme

(I agree with digihairshirt, who had me pegged to a tee - ONE word? C'mon, get real.)

1. Where is your cell phone? Nightstand

2. Your significant other? Jesus. Sometimes I can get His attention.

3. Your hair? Slightly past shoulder length, golden brown and wavy.

4. Your mother? Deceased ('95) - miss her more than I can say.

5. Your father? Deceased ('01) - I only "understood him" after I was older.

6. Your favorite things? Dogs, books, music, theatre

7. Your dream last night? Don't remember.

8. Your favorite drink? Non-alcoholic - A-Treat Birch Beer - Alcoholic: highball

9. Your dream/goal? Crawl through the gates of heaven

10. The room you’re in? Bedroom

11. Your church? The Catholic church in Old Town, San Diego, named after the patron saint of the United States. And if that sounds unnecessarily cryptic, it's *because* I like the freedom of being under the radar as I'm not overly enamored of a certain person who couldn't do the red and say the black to save his soul. That and the fact he was mean and unjust to his supply priest of the last 30 years. But let me not "go there." [ask me sometime when I need to elevate my blood pressure to a gratifying apoplectic level.]

12. Your fear? Committing a mortal sin, particularly one I wouldn't be sorry for. Oh, that's right, in a word "hell."

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? San Diego.

14. Where were you last night? San Diego. Friend's house.

15. What you’re not? Placid.

16. Muffins? NO.

17. One of your wish list items? Oil Refinery

18. Where you grew up? Pennsylvania, Roanoke, Va., Nashua, NH, California

19. The last thing you did? Answered the above question. Duh.

20. What are you wearing? Nightie

21. Your TV? Usually off.

22. Your pets? Doggie heaven. Maggie the Wonderdog(springer spaniel), Brian the Setter, gorgeous but dumber than a box of rocks, Taffy the Heinz 57, Mr. Mike the beagle. I harbored no cats, had a few blue parakeets when I was small (they die too quickly!) and watched a few goldfish - but you can't pet those - not and have them live, anyway.

23. Your computer? HP Pavillion Notebook.

24. Your life? Could stand improvement.

25. Your mood? Could use a jolt of energy.

26. Missing someone? Mom, always mom.

27. Your car? Honda CRV SUV, mercifully paid for.

28. Something you’re not wearing? Hosiery. I think it was invented by gay men to torture women.

29. Favorite store? Bookstore

30. Your Summer? Seen better

31. Like (love) someone? What day of the week is this?

32. Your favorite color? Red

33. Last time you laughed? Last night. I'm still sleepy.

34. Last time you cried? Can't remember.

35. Who will re-post this? Mulier Fortis, Monica, and possibly Esther, if they see it.


Stephen said...

I'm in the "ONE word? Get real!" camp. Brevity is not my strongest suit.

1. Where is your cell phone?


2. Your significant other?


3. Your hair?

Was cut yesterday. It's brown and it's short.

4. Your mother?

Is on her way to Venice to go on a cruise with her friend Margaret.

5. Your father?

Is working his way through eternity in Saddleworth cemetery.

6. Your favourite things?

Books. Music. Theatre.

7. Your dream last night?

Probably wasn't good.

8. Your favourite drink?

Black coffee, no sugar.

9. Your dream/goal?

Change the world, somehow. Or for someone.

10. The room you're in?


11. Your church?

Don't really have one. Nominally C of E, haven't attended church regularly since college (I was a chorister).

12. Your fear?

That there isn't enough therapy in the world.

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?

Somewhere else.

14. Where were you last night?

Royton, at a friend's house.

15. What you're not?

In a zen-like state of tranquility. Ever.

16. Muffins?

Oven bottoms.

17. One of your wish-list items?

A new laptop. This one's getting on a bit. And world peace.

18. Where you grew up?

Oldham, Greater Manchester

19. The last thing you did?

Made pizza

20. What are you wearing?

Jeans and T-shirt.

21. Your TV?

Tuned to BBC News 24

22. Your pets?

No pets, but there's something furry at the back of the fridge.

23. Your computer?

Averatec 3150 laptop.

24. Your life?

Has been better. Will get better.

25. Your mood?

Up and down.

26. Missing someone?


27. Your car?

No car.

28. Something you're not wearing?

A tie. Last time I wore a tie was the week before Christmas, to a family party.

29. Favourite store?


30. Your summer?

Not very summery so far.

31. Like (love) someone?

Still single.

32. Your favourite colour?


33. Last time you laughed?

Last time I laughed a LOT? Watching "Mamma Mia" at the movies the other day.

34. Last time you cried?

A few weeks ago.

gemoftheocean said...

Well, dammit, Stephen. Why are you 8 billion miles away? We could hang out and do nothing together! At least you could hand feed me pizza, and I could hand feed you grapes. And we could drink a bottle of the finest cheap champagne together. And we could watch whatever that horrible thing was that used 2 bars or less from various musicals and bag on it. Docbender showed it to me and I blocked out the name.

Extra mushrooms, pretty please with sugar on it. [Wait, I love sugar but it does not belong sprinkled liberally on a pizza...unless, of course, we made *cough* you made FUNNEL cake pizza for me.]

Stephen said...

"That horrible thing that used two bars or less from various musicals" -

Wasn't that the last five Tony Award ceremonies?

EC Gefroh said...

I can only imagine how much you must be missing your dear mother. BTW, mahalo for the tag. I think I did this one last week and I was able to keep it to one word ;-)

Anonymous said...

You don't like muffins?

gemoftheocean said...

Tara, perhaps if you made them. :-D

swissmiss said...

Looks like I have an assignment! Will try to get to it today!

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