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Monday, July 28, 2008

St Tarcisius, the "professor," and me

It is seldom that I write a 100% serious post, but this one is. It's been in the news and all over the blogosphere re: the militant atheist "professor" in Minnesota who has been blaspheming the Eucharist and urging others to steal a consecrated Host so he could desecrate it.

I've known atheists before who simply could not intellectually believe in God. Many wanted to believe but couldn't. Those people I find easy to pray for and hope that in spite of everything they manage to develop a conscience and do their best to do good and avoid evil.

But what this militant atheist did was pure evil. I hope he can be fired and civil action may be taken re: his incitement of another to steal a Host for purposes not intended and infringement upon the Catholics 1st Amendment rights to practice our worship services without harassment.

Yesterday I assisted serving at Mass. As I was given Communion to hold in my hand just before the priest's Communion, I looked down at Almighty God resting in my hand and tears started to form in my eyes due to the fact that I simply am at a loss to understand how anyone could so hate the Saviour I held in my hand. It is seldom I cry, period. Much less at Mass. I held them back, so I did not draw "focus" but was grateful for once that I did not assist as EM yesterday.

I thought of St. Tarcisius, who as a young boy, died rather than give up the Host to his non-Christian companions. I do not know if the story of St. Tarcisius is much taught to young 1st and 2nd graders today as it was when I was small. But it made a deep impression on me then as it does now, that yes, some things ARE worth dying for, contrary to what this "professor" claims. I would hope that if I were ever put in a position where I had to give up my life or the Host, my choice would be my life. And I hope all my Catholic friends feel the same.


swissmiss said...

Mark Shea (Catholic and loving it blog) had an excellent post about PZ Myers and I hear so did Jimmy Akin. This guy is nuts, just as Mark Shea pointed out. His intellectual pride has corrupted his mind, kind of like many of the others who went down this path (Nietzsche, et al). How is it MN has so many nuts...wait, don't answer that, I might be part of the equation :)

He is evil. Not just confused in an agnostic fog, but rabidly frothing about anything remotely resembling anything kinda sorta close to God. Must be his proximity to the Dakotas, that's the only thing I can think of. I wonder if he's got a Fargo accent. That would be too funny.

If they don't fire him, at least send him to Iowa. Along with Franken.

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

I always commended my fellow EMHC's to St. Tarcisius, and my RCIA'ers loved his story too.
The real problem with communicating with this atheist is that he has denied any basis for any moral code. Within his system any action is equally permissable, so murder is as morally valid as stealing anothers PB&J. Obviously, to him, the only measure of an action's value is the self, and as long as he's not hurt the h*ll with the rest of us. Also, the fact that he needs to draw others in to do his dirty work only proves how lonely he is.

gemoftheocean said...

You have that right about "no moral code." I was first alerted to the issue of this guy when he was still just threatening when Phillip pointed it out to me over on facebook.

Googled the guy, and turned up family blogs he'd done about himself. He has 3 of the most sullen looking kids you've ever seen. In their late teens, early 20s now. He's raised them as militant atheists too (naturally.)

His daughter has a blog wherein she advocated removing bestiality laws ... and if one follows atheism to it's natural conclusions ... then should this be so surprising. He of course, defended it.

Militant atheists are truly frightening, and this guy is so lacking in values that it's obvious he's done harm to his children.

No one can *make* you believe anything. Nor would I want people forced to believe in any religion, my own included. I think *most* people *most* of the time honestly try to develop as good a conscience as they can, but it's clear he has no common decency.

I've waded through a lot of the comments on Pz's germane blog posts re: this issue, and even some of those who started out supporting him have fallen away and called him a bigot. And they were non-believers too.

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Send me an e-mail Karen & we will discuss my dietary practices further!

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I'm not convinced this poor man is atheist. How can he hate with such energy and vitriol Someone he doesn't believe exists? He knows God exists and he loathes Him.
I am offering prayers etc but I am always completely unable to understand this kind of hatred.

Kit said...

Great post, Karen. I have not posted on this one because it makes me too angry - the fact itself, and the utter lack of media attention or interest in it. Defile a mosque or synagogue...

Well, I said I wouldn't do this, so I'll quit now.

gemoftheocean said...

Actually, he did mess up a page or two of the Koran as well ... he better hope the Muslims won't find out, otherwise he's toast.

Kasia said...

Dale Price did a great post about this too.

When I first heard that he'd carried through with it, I wavered between anger, sadness, and feeling sick. Now, although the anger and feeling sick are still present, mostly I feel sadness and pity.

The only thing I will say in Prof. Myers' defense is that the one confirmed death threat he received, and any others that he or Webster Cook might've received, are plain wrong. It's one thing to lay down one's life to protect the Eucharist, as St. Tarcisius did; it's quite another to kill to protect it.

And the Qur'an he defaced was in English, so most Muslims probably aren't going to be TOO upset. It's only the Arabic that is sacrosanct, as I understand it. But we'll see...

Oh - and someone asked for August to be "Pray for PZ Myers Month". Just so's ya know, in case you want to participate... :-)

la mamma said...

Brought a tear to my eye just reading your post!

gemoftheocean said...

Thanks for the comment Kasia, and La Mamma! Where have you been hiding?!

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