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Thursday, July 24, 2008

What are the odds of this reply by me appearing

in the combox of this post by Roman Christendom?

"Tell me, is it the Napoleon complex, or just the inadequate penis Freudian coming out in you that you hate Americans so much? I've seen your ilk since my first grand tour, and you're not even remotely up to the frothing Frenchmen who loath us for saving their asses from the Nazis. Whatever dude. Who has time to wade through your BS? BTW, good book out by Maria von Trapp re: living out the Catholic year. Your wife might be interested."

I'm betting next to zero.

He can take his anti-Americanism and shove it up alt.nuke.usa.


Rob said...

He probably won't like my comment either. "If we had annexed all of Mexico we would have no illegal immigration problem".

gemoftheocean said...


I still want to know why pointing out a simple FACT is "racism." Sheesh. I thought PC was bad enough over here.

Let me probably didn't make the cut either....

The Digital Hairshirt said...


Slim to none.

Diddly oevr squat.

Snowball's chance in hell.

Statistically Yours,
The Digital Hairshirt

Kit said...

Oooohhhh Karen - you and rkw rated your own posts! Go over and check 'em out!

(Fight! Fight! Fight!)

Kit said...

whoops - typo - sorry rJw!

gemoftheocean said...

oh, BTW, rjw, he's launched an attack on you too. More than one can play!!!

I wonder if I should tell him that at one point in my lifespan I worked on Tomahawk Cruise Missile projects? Nah. As is evidenced by his inability to take things out of context and spin weird "historical" fantasies, he'd probably claim that I threatened to blow up his house. What a chump! He thinks all Americans are stupid and he's our "tutor."

gemoftheocean said...

whoops, should have been "his ABILITY to take things out of context" etc..... He's so historically inept it is truly frightening.

I loved his hinting that JFK might have been a Freemason that "who knows?" Now there's one guy where every whore, courtesan and mistress who slept with him has come out of the woodwork, virtually every day of his life is documented and JFK apparently had time to get to be good buddies and bestest friends with the guys down at the local Masonic lodge.

Can't wait to see his grassy knoll theory! I'll say one thing for him. He could get hired as a "professor" at any left wing university in the US for peddling his BS.

If you guys haven't read it, his 4th of July post is particularly rich with historical boners and half baked contentions.

He's even contending that the evil USA nuked Japan because we wanted to do away with their Catholics! What a complete and utter bozo. I gather he's appeared on EWTN. God only knows why. Mother Angelica might not be so amused by his US history screeds!

Rob said...

I am so honored to be in such esteemed company, Gem. He now knows who I am and where the basis of my quote came from. Let him put that in his pipe and smoke it. It will be different,apparently, from what he usually smokes.

Rob said...

I just read some of the earlier post from across the pond. Me thinks he no like us Yankees.

Rob said...

BTW, might as well become a freemason and join the rest of Americans.

gemoftheocean said...

I forget, can women be free masons? I want some of those trippy Mormon underware. Oh, wait, that's right, they get to be "Eastern Star" whatever that is.

I remember back in high school (in 9th grade when we first moved to Cali) I had a girlfriend whose dad was big time into it. His lodge was sort of like Ralph Cramden's Order of Racoons...except for the upper middle class. I think they held their meetings on the 19th hole rather than the at the upstairs hall of the bowling alley.

What's really funny to me is that to the social climbing Kennedys (and let's not kid ourselves here, daddy was grooming his boys to be accepted by the ivy league) something like a Masonic lodge would have been downscale for his social aspirations. Not that they would have necessarily wanted a catlick anyway....not in those days.
It's kind of funny how some of these guys go on and on about Freemasonry taking over the world. I seem to remember an article in the secular press a while back saying many of the lodges are dying off for lack of younger guys feeling the need to join something like that.


Rob said...

Apparently he wants me to remain anonymous. He hasn't allowed my comment where I ID'd myself.

gemoftheocean said...

I know Rob. It's hysterical. He wants to post all this stuff...but doesn't give links so a person can judge for himself/herself if something was taken out of context.

And when he quotes things he uses a fair amount of ellipsis. Now with good authors they can use an ellipsis and if you've seen their work and know the sources yourself, you know when someone is cutting things not necessary to the point that don't AFFECT the point. With him, I'd check every statement.

He uses some half-truths, eliminates all that contradicts his arguments, and throws on a number of what amount to at worst outright lies at best ignorant assertions.

Rob said...

I wonder how much blogging he would be doing if us damn yankees had stayed out of England's business in say, oh... the 1940's?

gemoftheocean said...

Well, he might be blogging in German....

Actually I think it's a minority of English that are anti-American. For the ones who are it seems to be an inverse snobbism of some sort I don't particularly care to analyze it much as it's really not worth comprehending.

You have to give the English a huge big up over the majority of the continentals because their back was to the wall with virtually no help and they perservered and would rather fight than cave in to Hitler.

I admire the pluck of the people I saw in the photographs of the early 40s - the city ruined, the dome of St. Paul's and the church beneath survived and all about was ruins, but they kept the famous "chin up" and you'd see shops boarded over but still doing their best to make a going concern of things. And then you look across the channel at the French who granted in a less advantageous geographic position, had the fight deflated out of them almost instantly. The cities were intact, but where was the resolve amongst the bulk of them. Make do and get through, I suppose, and to be sure there were many courageous individuals...but overall for character the British won hands down. So it isn't worth analyzing those how glom on to pseudo superiority clap trap a la RC.

The modern Brit. sometimes seems to get himself or herself a little down in the dumps and accept the status quo rather than fight for needed change. So I think overall they tend to be a little less optimistic than the average American. At least to read what they say about themselves and the general tenor of things, sometimes the attitude seems to hang like a malaise over them. they'll have to figure a way to snap out of it so it doesn't choke creativity. And they could do with taking back their country from the PC police. But then so could we all. So could we all.

I think deep down the Brit of the 40s is *still* there, they simply haven't been put to the test lately. When the chips are down you can count on them to come through. I think in the main "fair play" and "let justice be done" are still firmly held by the majority as a part of the national character. So I think for the Anglophile, we tend to see the best in them, but unfortunately, too often they seem to see the worst in themselves. So it is puzzling, at least for this American.

Rob said...

I totally agree. I certainly do not think that one cretin is representative of England. I read too many other English blogs to believe that. That said, instead of half-baked attacks against America by someone who seems to profess such great faith to the Church, he should be praying that England as well as the rest of Europe is not once again the subject of foreign domination. This time by Islamic facism. I have enjoyed chatting with you about this. I'll let you know the next time I'm in your neck of the woods. Rob

swissmiss said...

I think the guy has a point, because if we had ACTUALLY landed on the moon, we would've annexed that too. Sound stage creation is all that was.

There's always Canada if we tire of Mexico. Just annex them both and be done with it.

gemoftheocean said...

And then we can ship the Mexicans up to Canada, sweeeet!!!!!


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