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Friday, July 4, 2008

The Vicodin Fairy

And I have been resting comfortably together this last hour and a half after a long day. I saved 800+ bucks by doing the extraction under a local, rather than a general + a possible bone graft. Yes, I am a trouper and not a total wuss. The oral surgeon said after it was over there'd be enough bone left in case I wanted to do an implant rather than a bridge. I'd wanted to save my pennies for the implant rather than be down the half grand for the general today so I lucked out. After yesterday's visit and todays, I was only out of pocket 15 bucks for the antibiotics, 11 bucks for the Vicodin Fairy and another 8 bucks or so for some sort of nifty mouth rinse I get to use for the next week.
Dental insurance sure helped!

Throbbed like hell for about an hour after when the novocaine or whatever they give you these days wore off...but the ibpro held just enough for me to drive home to pick up the Vicodin Fairy where she was lying in repose for me at the the pharmacy. We're kickng back writing this item...and we're wondering if you can put a steak in a blender or something...might have to settle for pudding or spaghetti tonight before we take a hike to visit lala land. I think we might head over to Jack in the Box to grab a meaty breakfast burrito now. Decisions, decisions.

I guess that 1st communion pic will have to stay on ice a little longer with the gap where #13 used to be. At least that gap is not something in the front!


Adrienne said...

Glad you alive and imbibing in the good stuff!

Adrienne said...

you're alive

gemoftheocean said...

Hey, at this stage ebonics be good wid me. ;-D

I did opt for the #23 Meaty B'fast Burrito at the Jack. For the 3rd time they loused up the order (this time I unceremoniously tossed it back at 'em..."DUDES" 000 they corrected it and made a friend for life when they threw in a Kona Coffee Shake. The squeaky wheel gets the coffee. It was purrrrfect.

Off to lala land now...Just took another gift from the vicondin fairy and did the antibiotic...If I had gone to bed a few hours ago I'd have been up at 3 and that wouldn't be good!

Kit said...

Oh yeah...Vicodin is a happy thing. My husband and his bad back occasionally must resort to tramadol, which makes HIM happy. Calls it "wife-a-dol."

Crouching Marine, hidden A-hole.

gemoftheocean said...

I wish I'd had it a few weeks ago when I had a "warning" flare up of diverticulosis or lites (I never rem ember which - the lesser of the two) -- you're "fine" then a minute later you're screaming in agony...then you're "fine" again for another hour or so....[repeat until your body is satisfied you have quit doing whatever it is you're not supposed to be doing.]

I've used about "4" of the Vicodin fairy's gift for the tooth...and I think I'll end up stashing most of the rest of it for those "in case of emergency break glass" things.

I'm not by any means a "pill person" I can't stand hypochodriacs...and normally I go through a bottle of aspirin every five years (I've had to throw bottles out because they've expired) but vicodin is *special* for those 10 alarm fire needs.

swissmiss said...

Glad you're alive and kicking! Sounds like you have great dental coverage...ours only covers like 80% of things and less on some procedures.

Hey, at least you have Jack in the Box out there! I haven't been to one since we lived in Seattle. However, Sonic is now moving into the Twin Cities...wooo wooo. I think I miss Taco Time and their crisy burritos most ;)

Hope when you read this you're all better and just keeping the hole in your head clean so you don't get dry socket or whatever. My brother had that from a wisdom tooth extraction in the Army and had to go in and have an ARMY doc clean him out...I think tears may have run down his cheeks on that one!!!

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