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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sea World Clips

I put a few of these together. We could have sat in the "splash zone" but an inner voice said "are you nuts?!" AND YOU PROBABLY WANT TO TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN UNLESS YOU ARE DEAF.

I must say for all my camera complained about "low battery" it had just enough to get me through Sea World and a Harbor Cruise. Oh, and someone got some outstanding video here. It's well worth clicking on a few of the vids that come up when this one is over.


Anonymous said...

it puts our UK Seaworld/Sealife centres to shame. Of course, we do things the 'safe' british way....we walk past glass recepticles and point and make all the right noises like 'oooh a 4 foot long shark...".

There have been no outdoor displays or dolphin acrobatics at any Sea Life centre i've visited!

gemoftheocean said...

I wonder if it has to do with your weather. I would think the dolphin shows and the like pretty much need to be run close to 365. Can't give the critters too much time lest they "forget" the dance routine. Summer would be okay, but how many people willing to sit in a cold drizzly stadium mid-Nov.? Probably not cost effective. But the shark encounter thing was kewl. We were both a little surprised at some of the fish in the tank with them. either they had just been "sated" or on a fast day, but there were some good sized "morsels" fish about the size of a turkey platter, somewhat like angelfish that looked like they should have been lunch.

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