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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gun Grabbing Hissy Fit in Progress

You want fries with that?

Fr. Jim Tucker merely points out on his blog dappled things that since the handgun ban was enacted in the UK, gun crime rates have gone up. Onthesideofangels goes all weepy comparing gun violence between the US and UK ... thereby ENTIRELY missing the point, that societies should logically compare themselves TO themselves before and after a gun grabbing law has been enacted. Otherwise, OTHER variables are too diverse to allow for any semblance of comparison. Capisce? Has gun violence gone up in the UK since the gun grabbing draconian laws were enacted? Yes. That's all he was saying.

Why on the side of angels suggests that Fr. Tucker "get thee to a confessional" for merely stating the truth is a puzzlement. One I'm not going to particularly worry about, as I've found hoplophobes fairly irrational when discussing gun grabbing.

Also see Fr. Ray Blake's recent post. Although Fr. Blake is calmer, for some reason has decided to post Fr. Erik Richsteig's photo without mention that it's Fr. Erik, rather than Fr. Jim Tucker. This is the post which triggered our British brothers (and I expect a few sisters) to faint dead away. If I was attending Fr. Erik's church, I don't think I'd try changing out a $10 for a $20 when the collection plate rolls around.

As it should be intuitively obvious to the most casual of observers, criminals tend to not follow the law. When John and Suzie Sheeple turn in their guns "Wanting to do the right thing" it is axiomatic that Bob the Criminal now has two people who are less likely to be able to defend themselves. Easy marks.

In the US, where liberal loon gun grabbers have cowed the populace into bending over and grabbing their ankles, crime rates are higher. You'd have to be an idiot to think Washington DC is safer because there is a handgun ban. Where guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns is a general truism.

See this Death of Gun Control graphic to see an interesting graphic as gun control laws apply to the U.S.

By contrast states and localities with the MOST easy access to guns have a lower crime rate, after they've loosened them. Where states have LOOSENED the gun laws, crime rates have fallen.

For the criminal element "gun free zones" are "target rich environments." In Vermont, there is no permit required at all to carry a concealed handgun. Surprise, surprise. Vermont also has the LOWEST rate of gun crime. Kinda keeps the crims on their toes when they don't know who's armed and who isn't.

Put that Steven Colbert's Americone Dream Ice Cream down, and back away slowly.

Ben and Jerry's cows know it too.


swissmiss said...

Several of us female bloggers in the Twin City area are pretty good with a handgun, or any gun. I have many friends who think guns are violent, but my father taught me to shoot at a very young age and instilled a respect of guns. I don't understand countries that want to take away your guns.

gemoftheocean said...

Ditto here. Dad taught me pistol shooting and also how to shoot a .22.
Once when I was in college some friends and I went out in the back country for a little target practice. One of the guys lent me his M-1. Dang. No thanks. A little too much kick for me, and I had that thing firmly against my shoulder. My own gun is a Walther PPK short.

When I was little my dad had both a shotgun and a .22 regularly available in the gun cabinet. My friends houses were similarly equipped. It would NEVER have occurred to us to go shoot up a school. The "respect" for what they could do was pretty much instilled. Somehow, through osmosis almost we absorbed "don't misuse guns" about the same time we learned not to reach up and put our hands on a lit burner. As a matter of fact, in one of my high school year books, the gun club is pictured ON campus (it was after school that day) with a few guns for the yearbook pics.

Stephen said...

Of course gun crime went up in the UK after the handgun crime was enacted. The definition of what constitutes a "gun crime" tripled overnight. The rates of gun crime here are still very low compared to most parts of the USA, and the percentage of "gun crimes" in the UK in which the weapon is actually fired is surprisingly small.

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